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Welcome! I have made this website in order to support thermoelectric research. Take a look freely.

Last Updated: 2019-03-23, Since: 2002-05-05

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new 2019-03-23  中温用GeTe:空孔抑制とバンド構造工学による高性能
 Medium-temperature thermoelectric GeTe: vacancy suppression and band structure engineering leading to high performance
2019-03-22  ナノスケール熱輸送の新たな制御性と設計性の創出
 Novel thermal controllability and designability of thermal transport at the nanoscale
2019-03-21  早稲田大学アンビエントロニクス研究所
 Research Institute for Ambientronics, Waseda University
2019-03-20  粉体粉末冶金協会2019年度春季大会
 Spring Meeting of the Japan Society of Powder Metallurgy,2019
2019-03-19  機械学習を用いて熱電材料の大幅な出力向上に成功
 Succeeded in significant output improvement of thermoelectric materials using machine-learning