• Thermoelectric Power Generation

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Welcome! I have made this website in order to support thermoelectric research. Take a look freely.

Last Updated: 2018-04-21, Since: 2002-05-05

新着情報,What's New

new 2018-04-21  PHEVの燃費向上6%を目標
 The goal is to improve fuel efficiency of PHEV by 6%
2018-04-20  ノルウェーのサプライヤーにTEGma追加
 Added TEGma to Norway supplier
2018-04-19  第6回[関西]高機能素材 Week 2018
 6th Highly-functional Material Week OSAKA 2018
2018-04-18  薄膜は電子部品からの熱をエネルギーに変換する
 Thin film converts heat from electronics into energy
2018-04-17  高性能熱電材料への道
 Routes for high-performance thermoelectric materials