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June 1996 - March 1997

Kit : COREL (Italy)
Scale : 1 : 50 (Length : 740mm, Height : 580mm, Width : 110mm)
Drawing : Beautiful drawing. A guest who was in the shop said that he would like to display this drawing.
Manual : Six languages (English, Germany, French etc.) and a Japanese short instruction as a supplement (this Japanese instruction may be written by a Japanese dealer)
Others : The lumber for the first hull planking was a little too hard for beginners.

Flying-Fish Summary of Construction Process

This is my first model ship.
I bought this kit at ITOYA, the biggest shop in Tokyo. It takes about two hours to go there by train. I asked an ITOYA's salesclerk what kind of ship was the most proper for beginners. His opinion was that Corel's Flying Fish was the most proper model.

I had wanted to construct a square rigger battle ship. But Flying Fish is a schooner. It seems like a yacht. This ship was far different from my image. But I decided to construct this ship not to give it up half way.

When I opened the kit box, I astonished. There were only metal parts, several kinds of lumber and ropes. This is very different from platic model kits in which all of the completed parts are prepared.

Different kinds of lumber with various cross sectional dimension are mixed in one box. In the instruction manual, there is no explanation how to distinguish the kinds of lumber, such as walnut, beach, and tanganika etc.. I had no idea how to distinguish the kinds of lumber. Which is beech? Which is walnut?
After a long time to check and check the instruction manual, the drawings and the lumber, I noticed that a piece of lumber has the same sectional dimension as that indicated in the drawings. So, I learned the kinds of lumber by the help of the sectional dimension.

All of the assembly followed the instruction manual. Framework, hull planking, deck planking, superstructures, and masting etc.. Then, about one year later my Flying Fish was completed.

1) The cloth in the kit was used for the canvas. I felt that this cloth was a little too thick. If I had used thinner cloth or paper, this ship would have been more beautiful.