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August 1997 - August 1999

Kit : C.Mamoli (Italy)
Scale : 1 : 64 (Length : 697mm, Height : 463mm)
Drawing : Several lines are seemes to be freehand drawn.
Manual : Instructions in six languages (English, Germany, French etc.) are written in the drawings.
Others : It seems difficult to construct as the first ship for beginners.

Rattle_Snake Summary of Construction Process

My second ship is a square rigger warship having many guns, though this is a privateer.

This kit did not contain any Japanese instruction manual. The experience in the first ship helped me to understand the meaning of the English instruction. The construction of this ship was much difficult than Flying Fish. If I made this ship first I would not be able to accomplish the construction.

The humidity in Japan is high enough to degrade the adhesive strength. It is written in many Japanese books that the inside of the hull should be coated with a large quantity of adhesive agent in order to keep the adhesive strength of the hull planks to the frames.
On the other hand, the English instruction of the kit indicates that the hull is planked after the deck fitting process. If I followed this instruction, I would not be able to coat the inside of the hull with the adhesive agent.

I puzzled myself over this problem for a long time.
After many inquiries, I learned that the most suitable process is as follows. That is, the divided decks are prepared and are temporary fitted during the hull construction. Next, these decks are removed for the coating of the adhesive agent. After coating the adhesive agent, the decks are fixed permanently.

After such two year efforts, I finished this ship.

1) After completion of the model, I noticed the panes of glass for the window at the stern which should be fitted outside of the metal molding were fitted inside of the molding. It is difficult to correct now.
2) During the rigging process, I noticed that A belaying pin rack was fixed at reverse side of the belaying pin bitts by mistake. But taking off this rack was very difficult. I was constrained to add a new belaying pin rack at the correct side.

I painted Rattle Snake sailing somewhere in the west Atlantic Ocean 1781. (March 27th 2009)
Rattle Snake
Rattle Snake in the west Atlantic Ocean