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H.M.S. Victory Close-up Photographs

Photograph (Click photo to enlarge)
The bow.

The collars for the mainstay and preventer stay pass through the holes of the gangway.
The mainstay and forestay are connected to the bowsprit with the hearts instead of blocks prepared in the kit.
The anchors and the guns.

The weight of each anchor is 8400 pounds. Front one is "bower anchor" and aft one is "sheet anchor".1)

Thirty 12-pounder guns (bore: 4.403 inches, weight: 3475 pounds) are on the upper deck. Twenty eight 24-pounder guns (bore: 5.547 inches, weight: 5000 pounds) on the middle deck and thirty two 32-pounder guns (bore: 6.105 inches, weight: 5600 pounds) on the lower deck.
In addition, twelve 12-pounder guns are on the quater deck.1)
The caronade.

Two 68 pounder caronades are on the forecastle deck.
The bore is 8.25 inches and the weight is 3000 pounds.1)
The boats.

The boats (34ft launch, 32ft barge, 28ft pinnace, and 18ft cutter) are stowd on the skid beams over the open space above the upper gun deck.1)
A windlass and a davit are fitted in the launch placed in the front port side.
The quater deck.

There is a binnacle at the end of the quater deck. Two compasses and a lantern are kept in the binnacle .

Admiral Nelson was on the quarter deck when he was shot by a French marksman at the Battle of Trafalgar (1805). Wounded by the musket ball, he was carried below where he died from his wounds three hours later.2)
The poop deck.

On the poop deck, the officers took navigational sightings and directed the flying of signal flags.

I made the skylight by using beech and paper for the mullions and transparent plastic for the panes of glass in order to see the under structure.
There is the captain's dinning cabin under this skylight. One 12-pounder gun is there.1)
The stern gallery.

The highest windows are for the captain's day cabin. The second ones are for the Admiral's day cabin. The lowest windows are for the officer's cabin and the wardroom.1)

I used transparent plastic sheets for the panes of glass in order to see the inside structure. However, the inside structure was next to invisible through the window. I was really disapointed.

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