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Prins Willem Construction Process (1)
From December 1999 to May 2001

Date Photograph Memo
The frames were fixed to the keel.
The deck plates in this photograph were just put on the frames, not fixed.
After taking this photograph, these decks were glued to the frames.
The first planking was progressing.
The first planking strips are as soft as they can be easily bent with fingers. Therefore, the work was going smoothly in the period of the new year holidays. But after the new year holidays, the work speed decelerated.
The first planking was finished.

Up to this photograph, scanned images of photographs were used in my home page. After this, the photographs are taken with a digital camera that I bought on October.
The second planking was completed.
The guns found in this photograph were temporarily attached, not fixed.
The many mistakes were there as described at Memo1 and Memo2 . In order to cover up these mistakes, painting of the hull became to be indispensable.
The inner planking of the bulwarks was finished on January 20th 2001.
The deck planking was completed on February 1st.
The 144 pieces of bulwark posts and the rails were attached.

I had no experience of the hull painting. But I had to challenge the hull painting to cover the mottled surface, even though I was not convinced of well painting. I learned the easiest and the best painting method in some books and I chose conventional plastic model paints.
The ornaments at the stern were fixed. These were reduced in size with files in order to fit the stern size. The color at the stern transom recess is designated as dark bluish green in the manual. However, the ship (a reconstructed Prins Willem) in Nagasaki is painted in two-tone color of dark bluish green and light blue. This two-tone color was employed in my ship.
The ornaments were seemed to be too garish because of bright coloration and gilded metal.

The capstan and the other superstructures on the deck were completed. The guns on the deck were fixed.
In spring holidays, the ram structure was constructed.
Inside of the red and gold colored rails, a photoetched thin metal plate was supposed to be inserted. But I could not use this metal plate due to lack of accuracy in already assembled bow structure. Therefore, a black painted card was used as an alternative.

By the way, how sexy is the 18 nude statues in a line along the rails (they seems as the gold bars in this photographj! Could they seriously fight on the ship like this?
Channels, chains and deadeyes were fixed. The length of the chains in this kit were too long. These chains were cut, re-soldered and the nail holes were re-opened.
The hull was re-painted and the color became to be a little different from that in the previous pictures.
The gunport lids were fixed.
The gunport-lid-hinges in this kit were seemed to be too large. Black painted paper was employed as an alternative. The eyelets are supposed to be employed to fix the ropes to the lids in the manual. But I thought that these eyelets were too big for this scale. Therefore, these eyelets were omitted.

I fixed the gunport lids at this stage. But these are supposed to be fixed after competion of the rigging in the manual. I think that the indication of the manual is reasonable to avoid damages in the following processes.