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December 1999 - December 2001

Kit : COREL (Italy)
Scale : 1 : 100 (Length : 735mm, Height : 580mm, Width : 305mm)
Drawing : Beautiful drawing. But I found an error as described in Memo4.
Manual : Six languages (English, Germany, French etc.) and a Japanese short insutraction as a supplement (this Japanese instruction may be written by a Japanese dealer)
Others : First planking strips for the hull are very soft.
A little modification was needed in the metal parts as described in the middle of "Summary of Construction Process".

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December 1st 2001
Summary of Construction Process

During new year holidays in 2000, I started the frame assembly and hull planking.

The first hull planking was completed in July 2000.

Though I was troubled over thick walnut wales, the second planking finished on December 10th 2000. As described in Memo1, color tones of walnut strips for the second planking were different from each other. So, the hull became mottled. In order to mask this mottled surface, the hull was painted by the use of acrylic paints for plastic models and a brown stain.

In January 2001, the inner planking for bulwarks was completed. Then, the 144 posts were attached to the bulwarks until March.
The ornaments for the gallery were assembled at the end of March and the ram was completed in April.

Until the end of April, channels, chains and dead eyes were fixed. All of the chains in this kit were too long. Therefore these were shortened and the nail holes were re-opened.

In June, the gun port lids were attached. Because the hinges for the lids in the kit were seemed to be too large, I made the hinges of thick paper painted black.

In the middle of July, all of the lower masts and the baw sprit were mounted. In August, the top masts were fixed.
At the biginning of September, all of the masts were completed and 300 rat lines were connected.

In the rigging of the yards, I realized the difficulties of 1:100 scale model. The belaying pins were too little to be twined with the ropes. To overcome this difficulty, practice was indispensable.
I barely finished all of the yards at the end of October.

Then two huge lanterns were attached on the stern and the half-guns were installed.
The anchors and the flags were fixed. A stand and a name plate were made of wood using a fretsaw and carving knifes.

1) The second planking was finished in December 2000. But the completed hull seemed to be mottled because walnut had various tones. I should have employed the walnut strips in the same tone.
2) In the new year holidays of 2001, I found that the width(3mm) of the main wale was different from that(4mm) in the drawing. The reason of this error was that the width in the Japanese instruction was 3mm. An 1 mm width wallnut strip was added on the 3mm width main wales to correct this error on February 11th.
3) At the beginning of March, I noticed that gunports on the deck were too low. This might be caused by the error of the wale position. According to the instruction, the wale at the highest position was fixed first as a basis of the planking. But I think that, in order to reduce this error, the wale under the gunport should have been fixed first.
4) There is an error in the drawing. The width of the top of the space above the half-deck bulkhead between the quater deck and the main deck should be equal to the width(83mm) of the quater deck. However, this width is 88mm in the drawing. Since the photoetched parts are prepared with the same size as that in the drawing, these parts can not be employed.
5) There are two photoecthed pieces for the decoration of starboad head rail in this kit. However, there is no piece for the port head rail.

Details of Construction Process :
From December 1999 to May 2001
From June 2001 to December 2001

Close-up Photographs : Close-up photographs of each section are shown in this page.
Painting : An oil painting of the last voyage of Prins Willem is shown in this page.

Case :

In June 2005, this ship was put in the acrylic case.

in the case