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Prins Willem Construction Process (2)
From June 2001 to December 2002

Date Photograph Memo
The main lower mast rose at last.
I had no experience to make the round shaped handrail of the top. However, I could easily shape the circular rail with the flexible lumber.
All of the lower masts and the bow sprit were fixed.
In the case of the ship that I had ever built, I had glued all of the masts before rigging. But in this ship, I tried to fix the mast without using the adheasives. However, the fore mast and the bow sprit had to be glued using adheasive due to lack of accuracy in the mast hole. The other two masts, i.e. main mast and mizzen mast, were fixed with the ropes without adheasives.
All of the top masts were mounted. The top guarant masts were not fixed yet.
The number of the deadeyes for the topmast-shrouds were short of three. To get these small parts, three hours trip on the train from my house to ITOYA at Ginza was needed.

The rat lines were not connected at this stage.
In ordinary process, the rat lines should have been connected just after compeletion of each set of shrouds. But this work was tedious and troublesome. So, I postponed this work.
The top masts and the royal masts were fixed. About 300 rat lines were completed.
The yard fixing was progressing.

I realized the difficulties of 1:100 scale models. The belaying pins were too little to be twined with the ropes. To overcome this difficulty, practice was indispensable.
The ropes, connecting the fore mast yards, are supposed to be inserted and glued in the holes on the forecastle. Once these ends are fixed in the hole, it is difficult to keep the tension of the rope.
All of the yards were joined.
It was very difficult to string the ropes for the crowsfeets, that was my first experience, and I could not string these ropes straight.
Two huge lanterns were fixed at the stern. All of the guns (the sum of the number of cannons are 58) were installed.
The anchors were fixed at an angle of 90 degrees to the indication of the drawing. I prode myself on this angle is better than the drawing.
Finally, a mounting stand and a name plate were made.