※ Counselling ※




※ The Procedures ※


         1. Let us know the date and time that you would like to meet us.

         2. We will send you the appointed time, date to confirm.

          We also send you the access to us.

         3. The average counseling time is 2 hours.The charge is 30,000 yen.

         If you have special requests ( i.e.prays ), there might be extra charge.

         Please contact with us and ask in detail.


※ Counselling by mails ※


         It is possible to have a counselling by mails if you don't have a time

          to come to see me or you live in a distant place.

         1.Please send us an e-mail with your name,age and the descriputions

          on which you would like to have a counsellig.

         2. We will reply to the mail which informs you the charge and the bank account.

         3. The charge is 5,000 yen per mail.We will confirm the account.

         4. We will send you the answers through Psychic Vision together with some advice.

          If you think that you need further advice or explanations, please let us know.


Please contact by mail.