Everybody has his or her own problems.
There is always a cause and an effect for those problems.
This is the rule of nature for everything in our world.

The reasons you are suffering might be because of your past lives, a dire circumstance you are in, the bad influence from bad sprits or it might be because of your unconscious ways of behavior and thinking.

Many of these causes are difficult to see in our ordinary eyes.

I can SEE and FEEL the existences of those causes even if they are invisible.
I have Power to control the invisible. I have been trained through esoteric Buddhism and many kinds of martial arts.

There are always clues to make your life better. If you know the causes of your troubles and sufferings, there must be ways to solve or improve your life.

We are trying to find out the reasons or causes of your problems through counselling, healing, or sometimes prays if necessary.

The door is always open to you.


Domestic problems and sufferings

If you have problems in your family,
If you have nobody to talk with on your problems,
If you have problems with your health,
If you do not improve your health in spite of seeing doctors,
If you have problems as a woman,
If you cannot decide your future plans,
If you would like to know your appropriate occupation to you,
If you would like to change your jobs,

Company problems and troubles

If you would like to make use of your employees' abilities,
If you would like to hire a person who are suitable for the job,
If you would like to generate better products,
If you would like to improve the effectiveness of your work,
If you would like to have better relationships with your customers,
If you would like to have quick responses to the incidents,


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