It was over thirty years ago that I realized that I was not an ordinary child. I remember that I often got lost at the age of around three, which repeatedly happened until I entered the elementary school.

My parents were very busy because my father just opened his clinic one year after I was born. My mother helped my father at the reception of the clinic. I usually stayed at home with a woman to look care of me, and she said to my parents that I was quiet, made no trouble at all, and went to bed before my father came home without any troubles. However, my really joyful time began after I went to bed. When I was lying on a bed, several kinds of animals, children and SOMETHING came beside me and they played with me. I was not lonely at all and had fun with those friendly companies. I was told not to tell anybody the fact that I met them and that I was able to read minds of other people or to predict what would happen in the future.

I didn't speak about them as I was told, and I became quieter. Everybody thought I was really gloomy and strange; however I myself had fun time and really enjoyed my life.

Soon after I entered junior high school, THEY didn't appear around me at all. At the same time I was not able to read other people's mind as clear as before, which had been very easy for me to have a normal life. Yet I felt more comfortable when I was alone partly because I was able to read other people's minds to some extent even I didn't want to. I began practice some sports which I didn't have to play with friends, such as swimming, or karate. There were few people who practiced karate at that time.

The elementary school and junior school that I went was beside the moat of the Osaka castle. My sensitivity and ability was not very strong when I went schools, so it was not so much hard for me to live a normal life in spite of the SMELL from the land which is used to be a battlefield.

Just after I entered the university, the ability suddenly came back. It began totally differently from the experiences I had when I was small. It was like a battle against the invisible. THEY were not friendly at all, and wherever I went, they appeared. I was not able to walk straight and sometimes I had my ankle or hand grabbed. I SAW one of my friends who had died sitting on a chair. When I drove and I felt something uncomfortable, many terrified spirits came toward me, and I was not able to control the car. I was getting terrified and scared more and more and it became more difficult for me to go out if I wanted. Of course, THEY appeared at my apartment and I was not able to sleep. I was so much disturbed by THEM.

At first, I didn't know what to do, so I trained myself physically to make both my body and soul stronger. I was busy at school at that time studying Medical science; however, I managed my life finding time for practicing martial arts. I got fourth belt in Karate which I had began in my junior high school days and I also began other martial arts; Judo, Kendo, Aikido, Old Jujutsu, Bojutsu, Kenpo, Kenjutsu, and so on. The school I learned Swordsmanship is called JIGENRYU, which have descended from my own family. As I knew the fact that a man whose name is Muramasa had founded this martial art on the spirit of "When you meet Buddha, you can cut the Buddha with the sword I make. When you meet God, you can cut the god." I really wanted to learn it because I had to fight against invisible creatures. I became strong enough to fight against human, but not enough for MY ENEMIES yet.

I had been looking for the ways to fight against THEM. One day I was recommended a meditation centre in Aoyama, and I visited there. On the day I visited there for the first time, I happened to see a man who had founded the place. He said to me, "You had better come to another party I have founded. I am an ascetic in Esoteric Buddhism." I felt extraordinary power inside him. I went to his temple on the day he said he was going to have a pray.

There I experienced what I cannot forget forever.

I stayed with him about three years, when I was able to feel that I myself had been changing day by day. Above all I came to be able to speak with other people naturally. People who had known me might think that I am completely different. The power and ability which had been inside me were made awakened and stronger. At the same time the fears toward humans and other creatures have faded.

Since I was born, I had been suffering from this sensitivity and ability which humans usually don't have. I was able to have experiences which other people have never do, but at the same time I had been troubled by this sensitivity and ability.

I thoght that if my ancestors protect me, I will learn and gain the power and knowledge thoroughly. I will change the things which seemed disadvantage to me into advantages. Once I decided, I felt easy and powerful sense inside me.

I became able to listen to the voices of various kinds of gods and Buddhas. One day, while I was asleep, Juntei-kannnon (the Mother of all gods) appeared in my dream and said, "Come to me as soon as possible." I instinctively realized that I had to go to Kyoto and I traveled the next day. I happened to come across a temple next to Honzanha Syugennsyu Daihonzan Shogoin, called Syakuzenn-in. The strange encounter was rather a shock to me. Of course the temple is sacred to the Juntei-Kannon, and what was more surprising was the fact that the chief priest's wife invited me to the most sanctity place just after I visited there. It is very rare that unqualified person can enter that kind of places at esoteric temples. Since I had this strange encounter, I have enshrined and whorshipped the Juntei-kannon as a main idle. I set up my own altar and began practicing much harder.

Since then, I have decided to become a master helping people solve their problems using my Power.

At present I give pieces of advice to people to live a happy life through these experiences. I have learned and acquired almost all kinds of knowledge on religions and horoscope. I also have cultivated myself through kinds of martial arts. And I met a lot of people who are in those fields. As a result, what I realized on religions' true figure is very simple and at the same time far more profound than I can imagine. In one words, it was to live a one's life rightly and purely following the willing of Buddhas and Gods and to try to acquire their knowledge and wisdoms. I recognized that the willing and power of Buddha and Gods have always reached all creatures and circumstances and that human beings are a part of universe. We should realize this fact and learn about and cultivate the teachings of Buddha and Gods in front of us.

There are some of the cases that clients came to see me after they were told by doctors that it is too late to treat their diseases. They want me to get rid of pains rather than cure the diseases. If a person is suffering from the early stage of cancer, I can erase all the cells which are attached by the cancer through activating the immune system and remove the risk of returning; however if it is the terminal cancer, things are not so easy even for me. Some of the clients who were told that they were going to live only a few months and visited me lived through my treatment for years. This is the result from the corporation with medicine and my Power. So I consider that the first priority is to have the treatments of the modern medical science and at the same time I complement them with my pray and by giving my energy to cure the diseases more efficiently. I hope that I can get rid of all the troubles of evil sprits and scourge of Gods, and that with the enhancement of the clientユs vital energies and hopes to fight against the disease it can be activated the patients' inner ability of recovering and getting back a happy and healthy life. I wish the medical science and our power and energy will be regarded as equally important. Please don't think much of one part and think little of or deny the other.

Modern life is very rigid time. We have no choice but fight against stresses and sometimes face the danger of diseases caused by too much stress. So please try to find and have treatments as early as possible. If we can corporate, the possibilities to be cured become much more secured. Even if it is too late, there must be other approaches. Please do not surrender and ask me for help. When I give advise, I am fighting against together with the clients. Let's work together and we can find ways to get over the diseases or problems.

It is fortunate that I have several acquaintances who are engaged in medical science and that they are willing to help us. Doctors whom I respect and who help me have profound visions and aims for the true medical treatments and become my sympathizers. I always devote myself all kinds of troubles such as in companies, in families. This is my vocation after I have conquered MY sufferings. Though I did not succeed my father's job, I think that he will be proud of me because I also try to help other people as much as I can.

Nartuaki Shimazu

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