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Private observatory, Hadano Astronomical Observatory is located at 139deg 12' 48" E, 35deg 23' 18" N, 154m above sea level, about 60km southwest of Tokyo, Japan.
The observatory is mainly used for astrometric observations of comets and minor planets.

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IAU Minor Planet Center Observatory code : 355
Latitude : 35.3882N Longitude : 139.2133E Height : 154m
1430-16 Nishitawara Hadano Kanagawa-Ken , 257-0027 Japan
Telescope : 0.28-m f/5.0 reflector + CCD (SBIG ST-6)
Computer program for astrometry : Astrometrica by Herbert Raab.

 Astrometric observations

 Comet images

 Asteroid images

 Nebulae and Star clusters images

 Discoveries at Hadano Astronomical Observatory

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