English Lesson Plan 4 (5th grade)

Sep 30,2003

1 Aim
(1) 様々なスポーツの名前を聞いたり話したりできる。
(2) 「スーパーえいごリアン」を視聴し、番組内の会話内容を推測することができる。
(3) 英語による指示を聞きながら、簡単な太極拳のポーズに挑戦することができる。
(4) 英語によるヒントを聞きながら、漢字の読みを推測することができる。

2 Language use
What are you doing? (What is he doing? / What is she doing?)
I'm (He is / She is) playing (baseball / soccer / tennis /table tennis / basketball
/ volleyball / badminton).
I'm (He is / She is) swimming / skiing.

3 Lesson

Min. Activities Notes
3 1 Greeting
Good morning,everyone.
Good morning,Mr.Shibuya.
How are you today?
I'm good. I'm hungry. I'm thirsty. I'm hot.
Let's enjoy "English Time"!
How are you?に対する答えを発話することはまだ難しいので、教師の発話を聞きながら、該当する答えに挙手させる。
5 2 Practice 1
What is he doing? / He is playing baseball.等
・What is he doing?の問いに答える。
子供たちの発話は、"baseball"等、スポーツの名前だけでよしとする。子供たちが単語で答えた後、HRTはHe is playing baseball.と文でフィードバックするようにする。
20 3 スーパーえいごリアン
・"tai chi"と板書する。
This is a traditional Chinese sport. Many people play this sport every morning in China. What sport is it?
Simon, Takashi, Asumi and Yu try "tai chi" in the program.
Let's watch スーパーえいごリアン!
英語で板書した後、漢字で「太極拳」と板書し、漢字が中国の文字(Chinese character)であることを教える。
5 4 Practice 2
Let's try "tai chi". Stand up, please.
・Put your right foot forward.
・Bend your right knee.
・Stretch your left leg to the side.
・Point your toes forward.
・Stand on one foot.
・Point your toes outward.
・Point your toes downward.
Watch me carefully.
Move like me.
Move your arm this way.
5 5 Game 1
・「走」と板書。Can you read this character?
It means "run" in Japanese.(It's "run" in Japanese.)
But it has a different mean in Chinese. What does it mean in Chinese?(What is it in Chinese?) You can answer in Japanese.
It's "walk" in Chinese.
・「湯」と板書。It's "hot water" in Japanese. But it's not "hot water" in Chinese. What is it in Chinese?
It is "soup" in Chinese.
・「電車」と板書。It's "a electric train" in Japanese.
What is it in Chinese? It is "a bus" in Chinese.
・「汽車」と板書。It's "a steam train" in Japanese.
What is it in Chinese? It's "a car" in Chinese.
・「手紙」と板書。It's "a letter" in Japanese.
What is it in Chinese? It's "toilet paper" in Chinese.


5 6 Game 2
・「足袋」と板書。Can you read this (漢字)? I'll give you 3 hints.When you see,raise your hand.
1 They are Japanese socks.
2 They are usually white.
3 We wear them with Kimono.
1 You ride this in winter.
2 You go down a hill on it.
3 Santa Clause comes in this.
1 This lives in the sea.
2 This looks like an umbrella.
3 Don't touch it. This can sting you. Ouch!
1 It's a traditional Japanese toy.
2 It spins.
3 We need a piece of string to spin it.

2 7 Greeting
That's all for today.
Are you hungry? It's time for lunch!