English Lesson Plan 15 (5th grade)

Jan 30,2004

1 Aim
(1) 99での数を聞いたり言ったりできる。
(2) 「スーパーえいごリアン」を視聴し、番組内の会話内容を推測することができる。
(3) 英語による指示を聞きながら、Flying Disk Golfを楽しむことができる。
(4) Flying Disk Golfの自分のスコアやチームのスコアを聞いたり言ったりできる。

2 Language use

3 Lesson

Min. Activities Notes
1 1 Greeting
Hello,everyone. (Hello,Mr.Shibuya.)
How are you today? (I'm fine. I'm hungry. I'm thirsty. I'm cold.)
How's the weather today? (It's sunny. It's snowy.)
Let's enjoy "English Time"!
3 2 Review(数の復習)
(1) Let's count from one to ten.
(2) Count down from ten to one.
(3) Say the number in English.
ex. Who is he? Yes. He is Ichiro. Do you know his number? Yes. His player's number is 51.
2 3 スーパーえいごリアン(フィライングディスクの紹介)
<Flying Diskを見せながら、次のような英語を提示する>
What's this? It's a flying disk.
Can you throw a flying disk?
How many disks are in this box?
Let's count. What color is it?
Today, Simon, Takashi, Asumi and Yu try "Flying Disk" in SuperEigorian. Let's watch SuperEigorian! What are they going to do? Watch it carefully.
15 4 スーパーえいごリアン(番組視聴)
20 5 Game(体育館)
<Let's play "Flying Disk Golf"!>
Do you want to try? OK. It's very cold. Wear something warm. Let's go to the gym.
I'm gonna try. Watch me.
Do it like this. Spin the flying disk. Throw it into the circle.
How many times did I throw? It's my score. Write down the score on this sheet. Do you understand?
When you finish one course, come back here. Let's try!
3 6 Game
<What's your score?>
What's your score?
Who's the champion?
What's the team's score?
We'll continue this game next time.
1 7 Greeting
That's all for today.
Are you hungry? It's time for lunch! Go back to the classroom.
4 Score Sheet
Name Hole 1 Hole 2 Hole 3 Hole 4 Hole 5 Hole 6 Total
Toru Shibuya
Setsuko Toyama
Kuniaki Sakai
Kyomi Fujisawa
Tom Merner
Team's Score