English Lesson Plan 19 (5th grade)

Mar 18,2004

1 Aim
(1) カナダで行われるホームパーティーについて、ALTの話の内容を推測することができる。
(2) 英語による指示を聞きながら、Popcorn作りを楽しむことができる。
(3) ALTやHRTの英語を聞きながら、Who is this person?ゲームを楽しむことができる。

2 Language use
Which one do you want?
What's your favorite food?
Who is this person?

3 Lesson

Min. Activities Notes
3 1 Greeting(HRT)
Hello,everyone. (Hello,Mr.Shibuya.)
How are you today? (I'm fine. I'm hungry. I'm thirsty. I'm cold.)
How's the weather today? (It's sunny. It's cloudy. It's rainy.)

5 2 Listening(HRT & ALT)
Kabeer, do you have home parties in Canada? Could you talk about home parties in Canada?(HRT)
※ ALTの話
Do you want to have a class party today?(HRT)
15 3 Making Popcorn(ALT & HRT)
Let's make popcorn and have a party together!
Have you ever made some popcorn? Do you want to try?
Today Kabeer will teach you how to make popcorn.
Kabeer, could you teach them?
OK, let's make some popcorn together. Listen to me carefully. We need these to make popcorn.
This is butter. This is salt. This is a frying pan. And then this is corn.
First, you put the butter in the frying pan.
You put some salt in the frying pan.
How much popcorn do we need in the frying pan?
※ 実際に適量のポップコーンを入れてみせる。
Put the lid on, first. I'll turn the gas on. OK?
Listen to the sound. What's happening?
Lift up the frying pan and shake it.
Oh, it's finished popping. Maybe it's finished. Let's turn off the gas.
OK, let's count down from 10 to 1.

5 4 Which one do you want? (ALT)
One person from each group, please come here.
How many cups do you need?

Which juice do you want?
HRTとALTが2種類のジュースをもって各グループを回り、Which juice do you want?と一人一人に聞きながら、ジュースを注いでやる。
5 5 Eat and drink(ALT)
Are you hungry?
All right. Let's eat and drink.
10 6 Game(HRT)
<Who is this person?>
※ My Favorite Things Sheetを配る。
※ シートを示しながら、HRTのfatorite thingsを教えていく。
Write down your favorite things on the sheet.
※ シートを回収する。
Who is this person?
He likes ~.
Her favorite food is ~.
Group ○ is the champion.



2 7 Greeting(ALT)
That's all for today. See you next time.