English Lesson Plan 13 (6th grade)

Sep 2,2004

1 Aims
(1) オリンピックが行われた場所・選手・種目・メダル数等について内容を推測しながら聞くことができる。
(2) 様々な職業の名前を聞き取ったり話したりできる。
(3) 様々な人物クイズを楽しむことができる。

2 Language use
Who is he(she)? Do you know him(her)? She is ~. He is ~.
singer, TV star, soccer player, baseball player, actor, actress, politician
Who is your favorite ~? My favorite ~ is ~.

3 Lesson

Min. Activities Notes
5 1 Greeting & Listening(ALT & HRT)
Good afternoon, everyone. How are you today?(ALT)
Did you enjoy your summer vacation?(HRT)
Can you talk about your summer story?(HRT)
※ ALTの話のあと、HRTが話の内容についてクイズを出題する。

5 2 Activity 1(ALT & HRT)
<Let's talk about the Olympic games>
Who is he? Do you know him. He is Kosuke Kitajima. He is a swimmer. He won two gold medals at the Olympics.
What city had the Olympics this summer?
What city will have the next Olympics?
10 3 Activity 2(ALT & HRT)
<How many medals?>
7 4 Practice 1(ALT & HRT)
singer, TV star, soccer player, baseball player, actor, actress, politician
5 5 Activity 3(ALT & HRT)
<Guess Who Game>
■Ryoko Tani
She is short. But she is strong. She won gold medals at the Sydney Olympics and Athens Olympics. She is a JUDO player.
■Ai Fukuhara
She is 15 years old. She is a high school student. She comes from Miyagi prefecture. She is a table tennis player. She started to play it when she was 3 years old.
■Ichiro Suzuki
He is a player of the Seattle Mariners. His players number is 51. He is a baseball player.
■Shunsuke Nakamura
He is a player of the Reggina. His players number is 10. He is a soccer player.
■Shingo Katori
He played a Ninja in the movie "NIN NIN". He is a member of SMAP. He is the tallest member of SMAP.
10 6 Activity 4(ALT & HRT)
Who is your favorite ~?(ALT)
My favorite ~ is ~.(Student)
3 7 Greeting(ALT)
That's all for today. See you!