English Lesson Plan 22 (6th grade)

Nov 18,2004

1 Aims
(1) 電話番号インタビューや電話番号クイズを楽しむことができる。
(2) 時刻を尋ねたり答えたりする表現に慣れる。
(3) 世界には時差があることを知り、時差について関心をもつ。

2 Language use
What's your telephone number? My number is ○○-○○○○.
Whose telephone number is this?
What time is it in Canada?

3 Lesson

Min. Activities Notes
4 1 Greeting(ALT)
Hello, everyone. How are you today?
Today is Thursday November 18th.
How's the weather today?
日付を言うのに合わせて、"Thu. Nov. 18th"と板書する。その後、一緒に言ってみる。18と18thの違いを意識させる。
5 2 Demonstration(ALT & HRT)
(HRT) Hi,Kabeer. Do you have any plans on Sunday?
(ALT) No, I don't have any plans.
(HRT) Let's go fishing together.
(ALT) Good idea. What time and where?
(HRT) I haven't decided yet. I'll call you. What's your telephone number?
(ALT) My number is ○○-○○○○.
(HRT) I got it.
※ demonstration終了後、子供たちに聞こえた英語を手がかりに、どんな会話だったのかを聞く。
10 3 Activity 1(ALT)
<Interview Game>
Let's play a interview game. Walk around in the classroom and ask your friends their telephone numbers. You write down the telephone numbers on this card. You may have 5 minutes. Let's begin!

How many telephone numbers did you get?



10 4 Activity 2(ALT)
<Telephone number Quiz>
I'll say telephone number. If you know whose number it is, raise your hand and answer.
○○-○○○○. Whose telephone number is this?
5 5 Demonstration 2(HRT & ALT)
(HRT) Hello. This is Shibuya. Is Kabeer there?
(ALT) Hi.This is Kabeer. What's up?
(HRT) I'm good. It's 2:35 in Japan. What time is it in Canada?
(ALT) It's 12:35 a.m.
※ demonstration終了後、子供たちに聞こえた英語を手がかりに、どんな会話だったのかを聞く。
5 6 Activity 3(ALT)
<Let's make a world clock.>
Cut off along the line.
Make a hole with your pencil and put A on B.
5 7 Activity 4(ALT)
<What time is it in ○○○>
Now, it's ○ o'clock in Japan.
What time is it in ○○○?
1 8 Greeting(ALT)
That's all for today. See you!