English Lesson Plan 23 (6th grade)

Dec 2,2004

1 Aims
(1) 顔や体の部位を使ったActivityを楽しむことができる。
(2) 上下左右の方向を表す表現を聞き取ったり、話したりできる。

2 Language use
right, left, up, down, put in, put out, shake, turn around
hand, foot, head, body
Put your right hand in. Put your left foot out.

3 Lesson

Min. Activities Notes
5 1 Greeting(ALT)
Hello, everyone. How are you today?
How's the weather today?
Today is Thursday December 2nd.
Let's say together. (ALT shows 12 cards to the students.)
3 2 Review(ALT)
<顔の部位>(Practice with some cards.)
Listen carefully.
Let's say together.
5 3 Activity 1(HRT & ALT)
<Draw a face>

Here is the start point. Go down 1 space. Draw a nose. Go down 1 space. Draw a mouth. Go right 1 space and go up 2 spaces. Draw a left eye. Go right 1 space. Draw a left ear. Go up 1 space and go left 1 space. Draw a left eyebrow. Go left 2 spaces. Draw a right eyebrow. Go down 2 spaces. Draw a right eye. Go left 1 space. Draw a right ear.
10 4 Activity 2(ALT & HRT)
Let's play "Fukuwarai Game". Do you know this game.
Let us try. Kabeer and I will try it. Can you suggest me? You can say "right", "left", "up" and "down".
Which is better?
Who wants to try?
3 5 Activity 3(ALT)
<Simon Says Game>
Let's play "Simon Says Game"!
right, left, up, down, shake, turn aroundの語を使用しながら行う。
10 6 Activity 4(HRT & ALT)
<The Hokey-Pokey>
  1. ピクチャーカードを使って歌詞を示し、ALTの発話に合わせてHRTが体を動かす。
  2. CDで"The Hokey-Pokey"を聞かせる。HRTは曲に合わせて歌詞を指し示していく。
  3. CDを流しながら、ALTとHRTが体を動かす。
  4. CDを流しながら、全員で体を動かしてみる。歌える部分があったら、いっしょに歌うように呼びかける。
9 7 Activity 5(HRT & ALT)
<"From Head to Toe">
HRTとALTとかけ合いながら、"From Head to Toe"を読み聞かせる。
絵本"From Head to Toe"(Eric Carle)
1 8 Greeting(ALT)
That's all for today. See you!