English Lesson Plan 25 (6th grade)

Dec 16,2004

1 Aims
(1) チャンツ"Christmas Colors, Christmas Sounds"を楽しむことができる。
(2) 絵本"Hello, Red Fox"の読み聞かせを楽しむことができる。
(3) ALTの説明を聞きながら、Christmas Treeを作ることができる。

2 Language use
bright red, dark green, red stocking, green trees, gold ribbon, silver bell
What color can you hear? What sound can you hear?
fox, butterfly, cat, snake, bird, fish, dog
Is he a red fox? Yes, he is.
Stare at this black dot for ten seconds. Move your eyes to this dot and count three.

3 Lesson

Min. Activities Notes
4 1 Greeting(ALT)
Today, special guest is comming here. Guess who he is.(HRT)
(ALT comes in the classroom.)
Merry Christmas!!(ALT)
Today is December 16th. When is Christmas?(ALT)
I'm a little early. Today, we're going to celebrate Christmas.(ALT)
HRTはCDで"Santa Claus Is on His Way"(Carolyn Graham)を流す。
5 2 Listening(ALT & HRT)
What do you want for Chrismas? "PSP" or "DS"?(HRT)
Kabeer SESNEI will talk about Christmas in Canada. Listen carefully.(HRT)
How do you celebrate Christmas in Canada? Could you talk about that?(HRT)

Chistmas is my favorite holiday. In the days before Christmas we put up many decorations. We put up a big Christmas tree in our house, and we decorate the outside of our houses with Christmas lights. At night time, it is very beautiful to see all the colorfully-lit up houses.

In Canada, elementary school students sing Christmas carols everyday during the month of December. Elementary school students believe that Santa Claus will bring them many presents if they are good, so children happily sing many Christmas songs everyday. Santa Claus is a big, fat jolly man who has a sleigh pulled by reindeer, and it is believed that he gives presents to children all over the world on Christmas Eve.

Children hang Christmas stocking by the fireplace because it is said that Santa will come down the chimney on Christmas Eve to fill the stockings. Small presents and candy go into the stockings, and big presents go under the Christmas tree.

On Christmas morning, children open their presents. Christmas is usually spent with the family. In the evening we have a special Christmas dinner. In Canada we usually eat Turkey or Christmas ham. We also eat stuffing, mashed potatoes, fruitcake, Christmas cookies. And we drink egg nog.

Also, before Christmas we send out Christmas cards to our family and friends. The cards usually say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, or Season's Greeting.

In my house, we believe that Christmas in Jesus Christ's birthday, and at midnight, on Christmas Eve, my family and I go to church for midnight mass. At church, we all sing Christmas carols and hymns, and we pray.

Do you have any questions?(HRT)




10 3 Activity 1(HRT)
<チャンツ『Christmas Colors, Christmas Sounds』>
  1. Let's do a chant! First of all, just listen.
    What color can you hear? What sound can you here?
  2. Listen to the chant with pointing the card.
  3. Listen and raise the card.
  4. Let's do a chant together!
チャンツを聞かせた後、聞こえた色や聞こえた音を答えさせる。HRTは子供たちの答えを聞きながら、対応したpicture cardを黒板に貼っていく。HRTはチャンツに出てくる物の実物や絵カードを準備しておく。
1回目 色や音に留意して聞く。
2回目 カードを指しながら聞く。
3回目 カードや実物を持ち、チャンツに合わせて上にあげながら聞く。
4回目 一緒に声を出してみる。
15 4 Activity 2(ALT & HRT)
<絵本"Hello, Red Fox"の読み聞かせ>(ALT & HRT)
Do you know this story? This book makes you wonder.
(表紙を見せて)What's this? It's a fox. What color is he? He is a green fox. But the title of this book is "Hello, Red Fox". It makes you wonder. Let's start reading.
"Hello, Red Fox(Eric Carle)"
10 5 Activity 3(ALT & HRT)
Let's make a paper Christmas tree.
  1. Fold a piece of green construction paper in half, then cut it in half.
  2. Put the two pieces together, and fold them in half again.
  3. Draw half a Christmas tree opposite the fold.
  4. Cut along the line - you should get two identical trees.
    Fold the trees in half, just barely creasing the center line.
  5. Cut a slit along the bottom half of the center of one tree and along the top half of the center of the other tree.
  6. Slip the two trees together along the slits.
    Using clear tape, tape the bottoms and tops together.
  7. Decorate your tree with colored pencils. Or you can glue on tiny construction paper decorations.
1 6 Greeting
That's all for today.
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!