English Lesson Plan 28(6th grade)

Jan 27,2005

1 Aims
(1) 英語の内容を類推しながら、『スーパーえいごリアン(大きな大きな数)』を楽しむ。
(2) 大きな数(1,000以上)の言い方を知り、聞き取ったり話したりできる。
(3) 「惑星クイズ」や「ワールドクイズ」を楽しむことができる。

2 Language use
hundred, thousand, million
How many people are there in Japan? There are 127,610,000 people in Japan.
How high is Mt.Fuji? Mt.Fuji is 3,776 meters high.

3 Lesson

Min. Activities Notes
5 1 Review
Let's begin.
How many students are there in this classroom.
(There are 20 students.)
How many girls?(9) How many boys?(11)
How many students are in this school?(177)
84 boys and 93 girls.
10 2 Practice
Do you know this mountain? Yes, it's Mt.Fuji.
How high is Mt.Fuji? Do you know? Mt.Fuji is 3,776 meters high.(数字の部分は声は出さず板書のみする。)Can you say this number? Three thousand seven hundred and seventy six meters.
Let's say together.
What's this? It is 149,600,000 km from the earth to the sun.
Can you say this number? one hundred and forty-nine million six hundred thousand kilometers.


15 3 Super Eigorian
Now, let's watch "Super Eigorian".
10 4 Activity
What is this planet? This is the earth. It is our planet.
What' this? It's Mars.(以下、右の星を同様に提示していく。)
Which is the nearest planet from the sun?
earth, moon, mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune, pluto, sun
4 5 Activity 2
Look at this sheet. Which is the smallest country in the world? It's Vatican City. Vatican City is 440 square meters.
The population of Cina is 1,265,830,000. The Nile River is 6,650 kilometers long. (以下、同様に行う。)
1 6 Greeting
See you!