English Lesson Plan 31(6th grade)

Feb 17,2005

1 Aims
(1) "You're My Valentine"(Carolyn Graham)、絵本"I LIKE YOU"、Valentine Cardづくりを楽しむことができる。
(2) 日本のバレンタインを比べながら、カナダのバレンタインについて知ることができる。
(3) 三つのactivityを通して、I like 〜の表現に親しむことができる。

2 Language use
I like 〜. tigers, cats, zebras, bats, crocodiles, frogs, dinosaurs, dogs, butterflies, bees

3 Lesson

Min. Activities Notes
5 1 Song(HRT)
"You're My Valentine"(Carolyn Graham)
  1. Listen to the music. Do you remember all animals?
  2. One more time. Listen carefully.
  3. Let's sing together.
  1. 歌に出てくる動物カードを裏返しにして掲示し、子供たちが聴き取れた動物カードから順に表に向けていく。
  2. 出てくる動物を思い出しながら聞くよう促す。
  3. 一緒に歌ってみる。
10 2 Listening(ALT & HRT)
I taught you the history of Valentine's Day last week. Today Kabeer is going to talk about Valentine's Day in Canada. What is the deffernce between Japan and Canada. Listen carefully. Could you talk about that?(HRT)

In Canada, we celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14th. Valentine's Day is a day for lovers---a day when couples celebrate their love for each other. People give special Valentine's cards with pictures of hearts, cupid, and kisses on them. Usually, the cards say: "Be My Valentine" or "My Heart is Yours." In Japan, only girls give boys chocolates on Valentine's Day. But in Canada, both boys and girls exchange presents. Also, the presents are not necessarily chocolates or candy. Often, jewelry, flowers, perfume, or even electronics are given as presents. In the evening, couples go out for a special Valentine's Day dinner. It is supposed to be a romantic evening with candles, flowers, champagne, and soft music. Many people say Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year. Valentine's Day is the busiest day for restaurants because so many couples dine out. If you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend or a husband/wife then Valentine's Day is when you can find love; it is a good time to reveal your feelings to someone that you like.

10 3 Activity 1(ALT & HRT)
<"I LIKE YOU"(Addison-Wesley Publishing Company)>
絵本"I LIKE YOU"をHRTのALTの二人で読み聞かせる。


10 4 Activity 2(HRT)
<"I LIKE YOU"(Addison-Wesley Publishing Company)>
("I LIKE YOU"が歌になっていることを教える)
・Listen to the song.(MDで"I LIKE YOU"SONGを聞く。)
・Let's sing together.(歌える部分を一緒に歌ってみる。)
9 5 Activity 5(ALT & HRT)
<Make Valentine's Card>
  1. Let's make a Valentine's card to your family.
  2. Write your family's name here.
  3. Write three reasons why you like them.
  4. Fold this sheet in four.
  5. Cut along this line like this.
  6. Don't cut this black point.
1 6 Greeting
I'll give you a homework.
That's all for today.