English Lesson Plan

Jan 6, 2006
渋谷 徹


1 Aim

2 Lesson

Min. Activities Notes
1 1 Greeting
Let's start the story time!
Today, I'm going to tell you a story.


4 2 Storytelling "The Captain's T-shirt"
Once upon a time, there was a captain.
He lived in a small house.
One day, the captain went fishing on his boat.
It was a sunny day.
Suddenly, a strong wind blew.
The sail of the boat was broken.
Then the big waves came and hit the boat.
"Crack!" and "Crack!"
The captain swam and finally reached a beach.
The captain found something nice on the beach.
Guess what it was!

It was a nice T-shirt!

The end.


5 3 Activity
Do you want to make a captain's T-shirt?
Okay. Let's try!
Does everyone have some newspaper?
One person needs one sheet of newspaper like this.
Show me your newspaper. Okay.
Look carefully and do as I do. Okay? Are you ready?
First, fold the sheet like this. Hold the paper like this. You are holding the folded part.
Bring the top corners to the center of the sheet.
Do this on both sides. Yes, that's right.
Now you have a house.
Show me your house. Good! It's the captain's house.

Now, look at the house. This is the roof and these are the walls. Please fold the walls twice like this.
Yes, first, bring the bottom up to here and then fold this part one more time. Good!
What do we have here? Yes, it's a boat. It's the captain's boat.

Let's go fishing. What a beautiful day! Uh-oh.
Suddenly we have a storm. Strong winds and lightning!
The top of the roof is destroyed. Yes, tear the top like this! Oh, no!
The storm is getting worse! The lightning strikes the edge of the boat.
Tear the edge like this.
Oh the lightning strikes the other edge, too.
Tear the edge like this.

The captain swims to the beach.
Swim! Swim! Swim!
He's at the beach now. There's something on the beach. What is it? Let's unfold. Oh, it's a T-shirt. It's the captain's T-shirt. Try it on. You look wonderful in it.