English Lesson Plan 3 (4th grade)

Apr. 27, 2005

1 Aim
(1) "What's this? It's a ~. What's that? It's a ~."の会話を聞き取ったり、発話したりできる。
(2) 内容を推測しながら、絵本の読み聞かせを楽しむことができる。

2 Language use
What's this? It's a ~. What's that? It's a ~. (pig, cow, cat, chicken, horse, sheep)

3 Lesson

Min. Activities Notes

1 Greeting and Warm up
Hello, everybody. How are you today?
Let's begin English Class!
Listen and do the action.

  1. Classroom English(English Time 1のCDを使用)
  2. Let's play "Simon Says Game".
  3. Let's sing "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes".
"English Time 1"(Oxford Univ. Press)のCD#2

"Head Shoulders Knees and Toes"を歌うのは"What's This?"を歌うための布石。

5 2 Practice 1
  1. What animal is it? It's a pig. Say it together. It's a pig.(同様にcow, cat, chicken, horse, sheep)
  2. What animal is it?(子供だけに答えさせる)
10 3 Communication
(English Time 1のWall Chart 5,6を提示)
Here is the farm. We can fine a lot of animals in this picture. What animals can you find?
(goat, dog, chicken, cat, duck, bird, earthworm, cow, sheep, ig, horse)
We can see cats. How many cats do you see in this picture?
Do you remember his name? (Ted)
Do you remember her name? (Annie)
5 4 Practice 2
(引き続き、English Time 1のWall Chart 5,6を使用)
Guess what he says. (Sh! Be quiet!)
Guess what he says. (Sorry.)
He says "That's okay".
Let's say together.


10 5 Song
(黒板にpig, cow, catを貼る。pigは近くに、他の二つは遠くに。)
HRTとパペットでdialogueのdemoを示す。(HRT:H, パペット:P)
H:What' this?
P:It's a pig. It's a pig.
H:What' that?
P:It's a cow. It's a cow.
H:Sh! Be quiet!
H:That's okay. What's that?
P:It's a cat. It's a cat.
  • 上のdialogueをHRTが歌って見せる。("Head Shoulders Knees and Toes"のメロディ)
  • CDを流しながら歌える部分を一緒に歌ってみる。

What's this? What's that?の問いの時は、近くや遠くを指し示しながら問う。

"English Time 1"(Oxford Univ. Press)のCD#37を使用。

5 6 Storytelling
"At School"(Oxford Reading Tree)を読み聞かせる。
"At School"(Oxford Reading Tree)
時間に余裕があれば、"The Big Box"も読み聞かせる。
1 7 Greeting
That's all for today.