English Lesson Plan 4 (4th grade)

May. 12, 2005

1 Aim
(1) 絵を見ながら"What's this? It's a ~. What's that? It's a ~."の会話を楽しむことができる。
(2) "Sh! Be quiet!" "Sorry." "That's okay."の会話ゲームを楽しんだり、歌を楽しんだりできる。
(3) 絵本の読み聞かせを楽しむことができる。

2 Language use
What's this? It's a ~. What's that? It's a ~. (pig, cow, cat, chicken, horse, sheep)
Sh! Be quiet! Sorry. That's okay.

3 Lesson

Min. Activities Notes

1 Greeting and Warm up(ALT & HRT)
Hello, everybody. How are you today?
Let's begin English Class!
Let's sing a song.
(CDと一緒に"Hi, How Are You?"を歌う)

"Hi,How Are You?"(Carolyn Graham)
5 2 Listening(ALT & HRT)
(HRT)How was your holidays? Did you go anywhere? Could you talk to them about that?
10 3 Review & Communication(ALT)
(HRTは、English Time 1のWall Chart 5を提示し、ALTの話を注意深く聞くように促す)
The children are at a farm. This is a tree, and that's a bird. I see two boys, and one girl. And here are some dogs. The dogs are sleeping. Bill is hammering a nail. Bob is saying Sh! Be quiet! to Bill. Look at the goat. It's eating the sheet!

How many boys do you see?
How many girls do you see?
What's his name?
What's his name?
What animal is this?
What is he saying?



10 4 Song
(黒板にpig, cow, catを貼る。pigは近くに、他の二つは遠くに。)
H:What' this?
A:It's a pig. It's a pig.
H:What' that?
A:It's a cow. It's a cow.
H:Sh! Be quiet!
H:That's okay. What's that?
A:It's a cat. It's a cat.
  • 上のdialogueをHRTが歌って見せる。("Head Shoulders Knees and Toes"のメロディ)
  • CDを流しながら歌える部分を一緒に歌ってみる。

What's this? What's that?の問いの時は、近くや遠くを指し示しながら問う。

"English Time 1"(Oxford Univ. Press)のCD#37を使用。

4 5 Game
10 6 Storytelling(ALT & HRT)
"Where Are You Going? To See My Friend!"(Eric Carle & Kazuo Iwamura)を読み聞かせる。
1 7 Greeting
That's all for today.