English Lesson Plan 21 (4th grade)

Oct 27,2005

1 Aims
(1) Halloweenについて知る。
(2) Halloweenをテーマとしたactivityを楽しむことができる。

2 Language use
What do you want to be for Halloween?
I want to be a witch. (Frankenstein, black cat, ghost, mummy, skeleton, jack-o'-lantern, green-eyed monster)

3 Lesson

Min. Activities Notes
4 1 Greeting(HRT & ALT)
魔女のカードを子供たちに提示)Who is she? Yes, she is a witch. Today we'll have a special guest.
Hello, everyone. How are you today?
Today we're going to talk about Halloween.
"Witches, witches"(Carolyn Graham Holiday JAZZ CHANTS)
5 2 Listening(ALT)
In America, on October 31st we celebrate Halloween. It is supposed to be the day when spirits of the dead come back to earth. So everyone dresses up in scary costumes like ghost, witches, and monsters.

When it gets dark on October 31st, children wearing their Halloween costumes go trick or treating. Each child has a bag, and they go to from house to house and say 'trick or treat'. The adults at each house put some candy in every child's bag.

Outside of every house, there is a jack-o'-lantern. A jack-o'-lantern is made from a pumpkin. In Canada, all the pumpkins are orange, and we carve out the pumpkins, and carve scary faces on to one side of the pumpkin. Then we put a candle inside the carved pumpkin and put it outside of our house.



10 3 Activity 1(HRT)
<Halloween Colors>
  1. Listen to the chant.
  2. What kind of things did you hear in this chant? Did you hear any colors?
  3. Listen to the chant and point to the card.
  4. Let's chant together.
  5. 11名ずつ前に出させ、HRTのチャンツに合わせて、カードを上げさせる。カードを持っていない子供は、言えるところを一緒に言ってみる。(3回繰り返す。3回目はCDを使う。)
"Halloween Colors"(Carolyn Graham Holiday JAZZ CHANTS)

black cat, orange pumpkin, white ghost, green-eyed monster, black, orange, white, green, black cats, witch's hats, jack-o'-lanterns

10 4 Activity 2(ALT & HRT)
<Halloween Puzzle>
Let's try Halloween puzzles.
・ALTはWhat do you want to be for Halloween?と問い、子供はI want to be a ~.(班で決めたキャラクター)と答える。
witch, Frankenstein, black cat, ghost, mummy, skeleton, jack-o'-lantern, green-eyed monster


5 5 Storytelling(ALT & HRT)
<"Boo Who?"(Joan Holub)の読み聞かせ>
10 6 Activity 3(ALT & HRT)
<Halloween Mask>
Let's make a Halloween mask!
I'll explain how to make a Halloween mask. Listen carefully.
Draw a Halloween character you like
マスクを作り終えた子供から、ALTかHRTのところへ来て、trick or treatと言い、お菓子をもらう。
1 7 Greeting(ALT)
That's all for today. See you!