English Lesson Plan 27 (4th grade)

Jan 12,2006

1 Aims
(1) 『干支』の漢字と動物を結びつけたり『干支』の順序を考えたりできる。
(2) "New Year's Resolutions"を聞く活動を楽しむ。
(3) 「新年の決意」を書くことができる。

2 Language use
What is your ETO? My ETO is the monkey. What ETO comes after the cow?
What is your new year's resolution? I promise to read many books.

3 Lesson

Min. Activities Notes
10 1 Greeting & Listening(ALT)
A Happy New Year!
I went back to America. I'm going to talk about my holiday.
5 2 Activity 1(HRT)
What are these? Do you know?
Can you read this KANJI? This is 巳(み).
This is my ETO. It's an animal. What animal does it mean? It's a snake. What is this year's ETO?
What is your ETO? What is your ETO? Point to the card. Which one is your ETO? This one? What animal does it mean?


5 3 Activity 2(HRT)
This is a clock and this is a clock, too. But they're different.(通常のアナログ時計と十二支時計を比べながら話す)
This point is twelve o'clock. It's midnight. You usually sleep at this time. This point is twelve o'clock. It's noon. It's time for lunch.
Here is the mouse. What ETO comes after the mouse?
Do you remember this KANJI?(カードを裏返し「午」の漢字を確認。)It means noon. So you say 午前 before this time and you say 午後 after this time.


  1. 英語の動物名(mouse, cow・・・)
  2. 漢字の読み(子、丑・・・)
10 4 Chant(HRT)
<New Year's Resolutions>
Let's listen to another chant. The title of this chant is "New Year's Resolutions". Resolution means 決意
Have you made your new year's resolutions? Now, listen to the chant. How many resolutions does he have?
How many resolutions did you hear?
"New Year's Resolutions"(Carolyn Graham)を使用する。
15 5 New Year's Resolutions(HRT & ALT)
What are your new year's resolutions?
Let's write down your resolutions on this sheet.
I promise to 〜. You can use Japanese but if you want to write them in Enlgish, ask me.
I promise to 〜という形式のワークシートを準備しておき、自分の決意を記入させる。