English Lesson Plan 30 (4th grade)

Feb 2,2006

1 Aims
(1) チャンツ"You're My Valentine"(Carolyn Graham)を聞き取ったり歌ったりする活動を楽しむ。
(2) バレンタインデーについて知り、アクティビティを楽しむ。

2 Language use
I like 〜. tigers, cats, zebras, bats, crocodiles, frogs, dinosaurs, dogs, butterflies, bees

3 Lesson

Min. Activities Notes
4 1 Greeting
How are you? It is Thursday February 2nd.
Look at this calendar. It is February 14th. It is Valentine's Day.
In Japan, only girls give boys chocolates. But in America, both boys and girls exchange presents.


10 2 Activity 1
<Chant>"You're My Valentine(Carolyn Graham)"
  1. Listen to the chant.
  2. Did you hear any animals?
  3. Listen to the chant one more time.
  4. Let's Chant together.
"You're My Valentine"(Carolyn Graham)


5 3 Activity 2
<Find differences>
Look at these pictures. They are different.
We can find 10 differences between A and B.
If you find them, raise your hand. Don't say.
10 4 Activity 3
"Froggy Gets Dressed"の読み聞かせ。
(読み聞かせの後、"Froggy's First Kiss"を示し、次の時間にALTに読んでもらうことを告げる。)
15 5 Activity 4
<Let's make Valentine's Cards>
Let's make a Valentine's card to your family.
  1. Write your family's name here.
  2. You see five hearts. Color them red.
  3. Write a message to your family.
  4. Fold this sheet in four.
  5. Cut along this line like this.
  6. Don't cut this black point.


1 6 Greeting
That's all for today.