English Lesson Plan 5 (3rd grade)

Sep 25,2008

1 Aims
(1) 簡単なClassroom Englishを聴いて行動できる。
(2) 簡単なあいさつができるようになる。
(3) 1〜12の数の言い方に習熟する。

2 Language use
stand up, sit down, listen, quiet, point, make a circle, make a line
Hello. How are you? Fine, thank you.

3 Lesson

Min. Activity Notes
4 1 Greeting
CDで"Hi, How are you?"を流し、歌える部分を一緒に歌う。
"Children's Jazz Chants Old and New" (Carolyn Graham)
5 2 Warm Up
CD(English Time 1)でClassroom English Chantを聞かせる。
English Time 1(Oxford)のCDを使用する。
5 3 Practice 1
Let's count from 1 to 12.
Let's count down 12 to 1.
I'll push the start button. Say "stop".


5 4 Practice 2
Look at the screen. What's this?
This is a clock. That's a clock, too.
What time is it? It's eleven o'clock.
What time is it?

子供たちに要求するのは「数字」のみ。HRTは子供たちが答えてきた「数字」を受けて、It's ○ o'clock.とフィードバックしてやる。

15 5 Activity 1
Do you know your telephone number?
Write your telephone number here. Are you finished?

Interview five friends, and write their names and telephone number in these boxes.

OK. Let's practice. Let's say "What's your telephone number?"

Stand up, please. Get five telephone numbers.

my number ○○○-○○○○
name telephone number
10 6 Activity 2
"What's ○○'s telephone number?"
1 7 Greeting
That's all for today. You can go back to the classroom.