English Lesson Plan 9 (3rd grade)

Dec 4,2008

『形で遊ぼう 1』

1 Aims
(1) 様々な形の名称を聞き取ったり発話したりできる。
(2) 形をテーマとしたアクティビティを楽しむ。
(3) 色や形や感触、出てくる動物に着目しながら、絵本の読み聞かせを楽しむ。

2 Language use
circle, triangle, rectangle, square, oval, diamond, star, pentagon, hexagon, heart
What shape is it? How many triangles can you find?

3 Lesson

Min. Activity Notes
3 1 Warm Up
Today we're going to talk about shapes.
Do you remember this shape?
What shape is this? It's a (circle, triangle, rectangle, square, oval, diamond, star, pentagon, hexagon, heart)
10種類のピクチャーカード(circle, triangle, rectangle, square, oval, diamond, star, pentagon, hexagon, heart)を提示
10 2 Song
Listen to the music. ("I see a star")
We can hear some shapes in this song.
What shapes did you hear in this song? Do you want to listen one more time?
Which shape is the first?
Listen and point to the card.(歌を聴きながら黒板に貼られているカードを指さしていく。)
Let's make the shapes with your hands. Can you make a circle? Do it like this. How do you make a star?
Let's challenge it with the CD.
Listen and make the shapes.(歌を聴きながら、聞こえた形を指や手で作る。)
Can you sing this song? OK, stand up. Let's sing together.

"I See A Star"(Magic Time 1,Oxford University Press)

  1. あらかじめ、ホワイトボードに10枚のカードを貼っておき、子供たちが歌の中から聴き取ることができた形のピクチャーカードをもう一つのホワイトボードに移していく。
  2. 出てきた順序を確認しながらカードを並べ替える。
  3. 出てきた形を指で作る活動を楽しみ、その後でCDと一緒にやってみる。
5 3 What's missing?
Look at the whiteboard. We see ten shapes.
Close your eyes.(10枚のうち、1枚をはずす)
Open your eyes. What's missing? Triangle? That's right. Do you remember the color? Yes, it's blue.
Close your eye again.

※ HRTはホワイトボードを裏返して作業をしてもよい。

12 4 Storytelling
Look at this book. What animals are these?
They are ducklings. Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings.
What shape is it? It's a circle. It's a fuzzy yellow circle. They are ducklings. What's next?

What shape is it? What color is it? Yes, it's a brown triangle. Touch the triangle.(1人の子供に触らせる)How does it feel? It's bumpy. So it's a Bumpy Brown Triangle. Guess what animals are hiding hehind the page. They are toads.
Oh, it's a long page. Can you find a circle? Point to the circle. What animal is it? What shape is it?
Wow, they've made a tower.

"Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings" (Matthew Van Fleet)



12 5 Which is bigger?
Look at these shapes. They are squares. Which is bigger?(手を挙げさせた後、実際に重ねてみる。)The yellow square is bigger.

Look at the screen. What are these? They are stars. How many stars? Yes, we see two stars. One is red and the other is yellow. Which is bigger? Yes, the red star is bigger.
We see two circles. Which is bigger. The red circle is bigger.
We see two red circles A and B. Which is bigger? They are the same.

Look at this picture. We see two lines. One is red and one is green. Which is longer? They are the same length. What's next?
We see a blue line and a red line. Which is longer?
They are the same length.

Look at this picture. We see two rectangles. Which is longer? Yes, the red rectangle is longer.
There are two tables. Which is longer A or B?
Actually, they are the same length.

We see many squares in this picture. Look at A. What color is it? Is it gray? Look at B. What color is it? Is it white? Actually they are the same color.

Do you know this building? This is TOKI MESSE.
And this is NEXT 21.
Which is taller? Raise your hand.(どちらかに挙手させる。)
I'll show you the answer. TOKI MESSE is 143m and NEXT 21 is 125m. So TOKI MESSE is taller.




3 6 Song 2
Let's sing "I See A Star".