English Lesson Plan 10 (3rd grade)

Dec 11,2008

『形で遊ぼう 2』

1 Aims
(1) 様々な形の名称を聞き取ったり発話したりできる。
(2) 色や形、出てくる動物に着目しながら、仕掛け絵本の絵を楽しむ。
(3) クリスマスを題材とした絵本の読み聞かせを楽しむ。

2 Language use
circle, triangle, rectangle, square, oval, diamond, star, pentagon, hexagon, heart
What shape is it? How many triangles can you find?

3 Lesson

Min. Activity Notes
5 1 Song
Let's sing a song. "I See A Star"
Do you see a star? Where is it?
OK. Sing and point to the card.
"I See A Star"(Magic Time 1,Oxford University Press)
10 2 Picture Book
Look at this book. What animal is this?
It's a tiger. We can find many shapes in this tiger. What shapes do you see? How many circles do you see? We see five circles. How many triangles do you see? We see four triangles. What's next?
"COLOR ZOO" (Lois Ehlert)
10 3 Which is bigger?
These are handprints. (2つの手形を示して)Which is bigger? (もう1つの手形を示して)Which is bigger? (3つの手形を示して)Let me try.(手形を重ね合わせて提示し、子供に尋ねる。)
Which is the biggest? This one is the biggest.
This is my handprint? Whose handprint is this? This is Ikumi's handprint and this is Yamagami's handprint.
What do you call this in English? This is a thumb. (以下,小指までの言い方を教える。an index finger, a middle finger, a ring finger, a little finger)

15 4 Let's make a Christmas tree!
Let's make a handprint. Put your hand on a piece of construction paper and trace around your hand like this. Cut out along the line with your scissors.
5 5 Storytelling
・Jingle Bells
"Jingle Bells"(Iza Trapani)