English Lesson Plan 10 (5th grade)

June 26,2009

1 Aims
(1) 様々な色や形の名称を聞いて分かる。
(2) 上下左右等、方向を表す表現を聞いて分かる。
(3) ALTやJLTの話す英語を聞きながら、国旗を使ったアクティビティを楽しむことができる。

2 Language use
pink, black, white, green, red, blue, yellow, brown, purple, orange, indigo, gray,light green
How many colors are there in this flag? What color is this?
right, left, middle, bottom, up, down

3 Lesson

Min. Activities Notes
5 1 Greeting
(ALT) Good morning, everyone.
How are you today?
(JLT) Can you see a star? Where's a star? Oh, look! I find a star! Where's a circle?(以下同様に6つの形についてカードが貼られている位置を確認する。)
Let's sing "I See A Star"!
10 2 Storytelling(ALT&JLT)
<The Secret Birthday Message>
Come over here.
Look at this picture. Can you see stars in this picture? How many stars do you see? Let's count them together.
Where's a semicircle? Can you point to it?
The Secret Birthday Message(Eric Carle)
10 3 Activity 2(ALT)
<What country's flag?>
How many flags are there on the sheet? There are 20 national flags.
What country's flag is this? I'll give you some hints. If you know the answer, raise your hands. Don't say the answer.


  1. The first question is easy. It has one red circle. It's our country's flag. (Japan)
  2. It has a red triangle. It has blue and white stripes. It has a white star.(Cuba)
  3. This country is famous for soccer. This flag has one yellow diamond. We see a blue circle in the diamond.(Brazil)
  4. It has three rectangles. The left hand rectangle is green. It has one little star in the middle. The right hand rectangle is yellow. (Cameroon)
  5. It has three rectangles. It has one maple leaf in the middle.(Canada)


10 4 Activity 4(ALT)
ALTの話を聞きながら、塗り終わったワークシートに国名を記入していく。These are alike.
The left hand bar is light blue. The middle bar is white. And right hand bar is red. This is the flag of France. Write down "France" in the space.
10 5 Let's design!
Design your original flag here. You can draw stripes, circles, stars, or other simbols. Use different colors and color your flag. You can use any colors you like. Then let's start.