English Lesson Plan 9 (5th grade)

1 Aim
(1) インチの意味を知り、いろいろものをインチを使って測る。
(2) 数字を英語で聞いたり読んだりする。

2 Lesson

Min. Activities Notes
5 1 Greeting
How are you today? Are you fine?
What day is it? Wednesday, June 16th.
We talked about Roman numerals last week.

2 インチの意味を知ろう
What's this? Can you guess? I'll open it. This is a TV.
What number is this? Yes, it's fifty-two. What does this number mean? Is this 52 kilometers? Is this 52 meters? Is this 52 centimeters? Do you know? What's this mark? This is the inch mark. So, this is fifty-two inches. One inch is about two point five centimeters.
This is a fifty-two-inch TV. What part is fifty-two inches? I'll give you three choices.
A It is 52モ from here to here.(テレビの縦の辺)
B It is 52モ from here to here.(テレビの横の辺)
C It is 52モ from here to here.(テレビの対角線)
Here is the answer. It is fifty-two inches from here to here.
This is my bicycle. How big is this bicycle? My bicycle is a twenty-six inch model. What part is twenty-six inches? How many inches is your bicycle?(数名を指名する)



10 3 インチで測ろう1
These are handprints. (2つの手形を示して)Which is bigger? (もう1つの手形を示して)Which is bigger? (3つの手形を示して)Let me try.(手形を重ね合わせて提示し、子供に尋ねる。)
Which is the biggest? This one is the biggest.
This is my handprint? Whose handprint is this? This is Maria's handprint and this is Shibuya's handprint.
What do you call this in English? This is a thumb. (以下,小指までの言い方を教える。an index finger, a middle finger, a ring finger, a little finger)
How many inches is it from your thumb to your little finger? Let me measure my hand.(HRTは自分の手を計測し,記録表に記録していく。)
10 4 インチで測ろう2
Make groups. I'll give one measure for each group.
Use your measure and measure your hand.
Write the sizes in these boxes.
Do you understand? OK. Let's measure your hand.
Who has the biggest hand?
Have you finished measuring?
Whose hand is the biggest?
    5 5 Which is longer?
    I have two ropes. Which rope is longer?
    How many ropes do I have?
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