English Lesson Plan 14 (5th grade)

Sep22 ,2011

1 Aims

(1) 活動を楽しみながら,英語の内容を推測したり反応したりする。

(2) 色を表す表現を聞き取ったり発話したりする。

2 Language use
pink, black, white, green, red, blue, yellow, brown, purple, orange, indigo, gray,light green

3 Lesson

Min. Activities Notes
10 1 Song
A rainbow has seven colors. Do you remember seven colors?
Let's sing "Sing a Rainbow".
20 2 Storytelling
“Mouse Paint”
His red feet stirred the yellow puddle. What color can you see?

Who has a blue ohajiki?
Who has a yellow ohajiki?
If we mix red and yellow, what color can we see?
Who has a red ohajiki? Who has a yellow ohajiki?
Let's check the color.


5 3 Magic Time
“Three magic ropes”
I'm going to show you a magic trick. Do you remember the three colors in the book?
C:red, blue, yellow(赤,青,黄色)
I have three ropes.
What color is this rope?
C:It's red.
What color is this one?
C:It's yellow. (It's blue.)
Here's your rope. Take this. Can you tie your rope like this to make a circle? Good! Thank you. Can I have the rope back, please?
Now I'm going to chain them together.
I'll put a spell on them. Can you say "1,2,3"?
Now I'll unchain them.
I'll put a spell on them. Can you say "1,2,3"?
5 4 ふり返り