English Lesson Plan 15 (5th grade)

Oct 6,2011

1 Aims
(1) 複数の色を混ぜ合わせたときにできる色を考える。
(2) 色を表す表現を聞き取ったり発話したりする。
(3) 英語の指示を聞きながら、ぶんぶんごま作りを楽しむ。

2 Language use
square, triangle, rectangle, heart, diamond, star, circle
red, yellow, blue, purple, green, orange

3 Lesson

Min. Activity Notes
5 1 Greeting
10 2 What Color do you see?
We read "Mouse Paint" last week. That's the story of three white mice. Three white mice saw three jars of paint. One read, one yellow, and one blue. They mixed them.
※ ぶんぶんごまを提示し、混色を見せる。
25 3 Let's make a bunbun-goma.
Let's make a bunbun-goma.
We see five shapes in the sheet. What's this shape.(5つの形の名前を確認する。)
1. Choose one shape. Which shape did you choose?
2. Color the top. You can use any colors you like.
3. Cut your shape out with scissors. You may cut it out very rough like this.
4. Then paste your shape on the cardboard with glue.
5. Next cut your shape out with scissors.
6. I'll make holes at the two dots.
7. Then put the string through the holes.
8. Tie the ends of the string.
9. Enjoy spinning your bunbun-goma. Spin the bunbun-goma like this. Can you do it?
What shape is your bunbun-goma?
What color will you see?

5 4 振り返りカード ・振り返りカード