English Lesson Plan 16 (5th grade)

Oct 13,2011

『色と形で遊ぼう 5』

1 Aims
(1) 様々な形の名称を聞き取ったり発話したりできる。
(2) 色や形、出てくる動物に着目しながら、絵本の読み聞かせを楽しむ。
(3) タングラムを楽しむ。

2 Language use
circle, triangle, rectangle, square, oval, diamond, star, pentagon, hexagon, heart
What shape is it? How many triangles can you find?

3 Lesson

Min. Activity Notes
15 1 Tangram 1
Take out all the pieces out of the bag.
There are seven pieces. What shape is it?
Let's make a square with these pieces.
Let's make a rectangle. Let's make a triangle.
  1. 最初は、全員で大きな正方形を作ってみる。
  2. 大きな長方形を作ってみる。
  3. 大きな三角形を作ってみる。
15 2 Tangram 2
Let's make animals with these pieces. What animal is this? It's a cat. Can you make a cat? Let's try.
(I'll give you a hint.)
You need two small triangles and one square to make a head.
Put a square like this. Put two little triangles like this. Put two big triangles like this. Put this triangle here. Then put this parallelogram(shape) here.
This is a rabbit. Can you make a rabbit? Let's try!


  1. ねこに挑戦させる。
  2. うさぎに挑戦させる。
10 3 Tangram 3
5 4 振り返りカード