English Lesson Plan 17 (5th grade)

Oct 20,2011


1 Aims
(1) 英語のヒントや漢字の意味等を考えながら「漢字の表す生き物」「干支」「中国語と日本語の違い」が分かる。
(2) 耳に入ってくる英語と目に入ってくる視覚情報等を結び付けながら,英語の意味を推測し,4つの活動を楽しんでいる。
(3) 教師の発話する英語表現を聞いたり,言えそうな生き物の名前等を発話したりしている。

2 Language use
What's this?, 干支の動物等

3 Lesson

Min. Activity Notes
5 1 What's this animal?
^ 絵を見て動物を当てる。
What's this animal? Do you want some hints? I'll give you some hints.(英語でヒントを与える。)
_ 絵の動物を表す漢字を考える。
Can you write kirin in kanji?
` 漢字の表す動物を考える。
What animal does this mean? Do you know the answer?
・『くるりんぱ@ だ〜れ?』(マルタン著 フレーベル館)に収められている絵を取り込んで作成したスライド教材。
15 2 What comes after the mouse?
^ 干支を表す漢字を知る。
What's this? Can you read this?
Yes. They are eto. How many kanji are there on the board? Let's count them together. There are twelve kanji.
Yes, that's why we call them 十二支. They are animals. Do you know all of them?
What's your eto?
Which one is your eto? Can you point to the kanji? This one?
What animal is this? Let's say it together.
_ 干支の順序を知る。
How many spaces are there?
So, all the eto signs go into these spaces. Here is the mouse. What eto comes after the mouse?
Good. The cow comes after the mouse.
Let's say them together. Let's say them in Japanese.
` 干支が時刻を表すことを知る。
That's a clock and this is a clock, too.
(子を指しながら)What time is it?
Yes. It's twelve o'clock.(午を指しながら)What time is it?
No. They're different. This point is twelve o'clock. It's midnight. You're usually sleeping at this time. This point is twelve o'clock. It's noon. It's time for lunch.
Do you remember this kanji?(「午」の漢字を確認。)It means noon. So we say 午前 before this time and we say 午後 after this t me.







10 3 Can you read this kanji?
I'll give you some kanji quizzes. If you know the answer, raise your hand. The first question is easy.
^ 「海老」
(「海」だけを示して)What's this kanji?
Yes, It lives in the sea. It's a small shellfish. It has a long tail and many legs. You eat it as sashimi.
Good. The answer is ebi. How do you say ebi in English? Shrimp. Let's say it together.
_ 「海星」
This means the sea and this means a star. We call this starfish in English. It looks like a star. How do you read this kanji?
` 「海月」
How about this? It means the sea and it means the moon. Do you know the answer? It has a clear and soft body. It can sting you. We call this jellyfish in English. It looks like an umbrella.
a 「海栗」
What's this? It means the sea. What does this mean? Yes, it's a chestnut. It lives in the sea. It looks like a chestnut. It's a sea urchin
b 「海豚」
This means a pig. It can swim very fast. It can jump up very high. It's very smart. You can see it in aquarium.
How do you say iruka in English?



10 4 What does it mean in Chinese?
^ 「走」
Can you read this character? It means "run" in Japanese. (It's "run" in Japanese.) But it has a different meaning in Chinese. What does it mean in Chinese? It's "walk" in Chinese.
_ 「湯」
It's "hot water" in Japanese. But it's not "hot water" in Chinese. What is it in Chinese? It is "soup" in Chinese.
` 「娘」
It's "a young woman" in Japanese. What is it in Chinese?
a 「美人」
It's "a beautiful lady" in Japanese. What is it in Chinese?
b 「手紙」
It's "a letter" in Japanese. What is it in Chinese?


5 5 振り返りカードを記入する。
1 個々の活動を楽しんだか。
2 英語の内容を推測しようとできたか。
3 HRTの英語に対して反応しようとできたか。
4 感想(自由記述)