English Lesson Plan 25 (6th grade)

Dec 3,2002

1 Aims
(1) どっちの動物が好きかを尋ねたり答えたりできる。

2 Language use
Do you like dogs?
Yes, I do. / No, I don't.
Do you like dogs or cats?
I prefer dogs to cats.

3 Lesson

Min. Activities Notes
2 1 Greeting
Good Morning, everyone.
How are you today?
How's the weather today?
8 2 Listening (Review)
『The Farmer and the Beet』を読み聞かせる。
10 3 Quiz 1
・Who is helping the farmer now?
・Do you think the beet will come up?
・How many animals and people are pulling on the beet now?
4 4 Review
・Do you like horses?と問い、1名ずつ答えさせる。
5 5 Practice
Do you like horses or cows? (HRT)
・I prefer horses to cows. (ALT)
※ ALTの後について、シャドウイング。
5 6 Game 1
・ALTがDo you like 〜 or 〜?と問う。
10 7 Game 2
※ 上のメモリー神経衰弱を班対抗で行う。
horse・・・neigh neigh
cow・・・moo moo
dog・・・bow wow
cat・・・meow meow
mouse・・・squeek sqeek
pig・・・oink oink
1 8 Greeting
That's all for today.
See you!