Trick or Treat

昨日の英語活動は、魔女を招いてハロウィンを祝いました。CDプレイヤーで"Witches witches"という曲が流れると、教室に魔女が登場。仮装をしたJulia先生です。
Julia先生は、自分のコスチュームだけではなく、子供たち用にキャンディやスパイダーリング等まで人数分、準備してくださっていました。子供たちは、もちろん大喜び。"Trick or Treat"と口々に唱えながら、キャンディをもらっていました。

In America, on October 31st we celebrate Halloween. It is supposed to be the day when spirits of the dead come back to earth. So everyone dresses up in scary costumes like ghost, witches, and monsters.

When it gets dark on October 31st, children wearing their Halloween costumes go trick or treating. Each child has a bag, and they go from house to house and say 'trick or treat'. The adults at each house put some candy in every child's bag.

Outside of every house, there is a jack-o'-lantern. A jack-o'-lantern is made from a pumpkin. In America, all the pumpkins are orange, and we carve out the pumpkins, and carve scary faces on to one side of the pumpkin. Then we put a candle inside the carved pumpkin and put it outside of our house.

She is a Witch!
Trick or Treat