The Ninth Gate

原題The Ninth Gate
監督Roman Polanski
原作Arturo Pérez-Reverte
脚本John Brownjohn, Enrique Urbizu, Roman Polanski
音楽Wojciech Kilar
出演Johnney Depp, Frank Langella, Lena Olin, Emmanuelle Seigner

オカルト的な事件ものが得意のJohnney Deppが主演の作品だ。悪魔を蘇らせるという古書を巡って、何人もの人が変死していく。その本の謎を探るJohnney Deppにも危機が迫る。話が進んでいくうちにその謎がだんだんと明らかになっていくのだが、その謎は三冊の古書に秘められていて、キーは本の中の挿絵。挿絵は全部で九枚。そこに書かれた内容は以下の通り。

1. Firs Gate "Silence is golden."
A knight rides through a fortified town. With his finger on his lips, he counsels prudence or silence.
2. Second Gate "Open that which is closed."
A hermit before a closed door. A lantern on he ground and two keys in his hand. Next to him, a sign that resembles the Hebrew letter Teth.
3. Third Gate "Wasted breath keeps a secret."
A Vagrant, or a pilgrim, heads towards a bridge which spans a river. At each end, a fortified door bars access. On a cloud, a bowman aims in the direction of the road leading to the bridge.
4. Fourgh Gate " Chance is not the same for all."
A jester before a stone maze. The entrance is closed by a door. Three dice on the ground each reveal three of their faces, showing the numbers 1, 2, and 3.
5. Fifth Gate "In Vain"
A miser, or a merchant, counts his gold pieces. Behind him, Death holds an hourglass in one hand and a fork in the other.
6. Sixth Gate " I enrich myself with death"
A hanged man, similar to that of the Tarot, his hands behind his back, hung by one foot from the crenellation of the wall surrounding a castle, next to a closed postern gate. A hand clad in a gauntlet brandishes a burning sword from a loophole.
7. Seventh Gate " The disciple outshines the master."
A king and a begger play chess on a chess board with white squares. The moon can be seen throught the window. Beneath this and next to a closed door, the dogs are fighting.
8. Eighth Gate "Virtue is conquered"
Before the fortified walls of a town, a kneeling woman offers her nexk to the executioner. In the background, a wheel of fortune with three people on it-one at the summit, another climbing and another descending.
9. Ninth Gate "I know now that shadows comefrom the light."
A seven headed dragon is ridden by a naked woman. She holds an open book and a half moon conceals her genitals. In the background, a castle is in flames, its door, as on the other eight plates, is closed.