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Anthony Hills' Column 2002

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Flushing Meadows - Friday, 30 August, 2002
What a terrible disappointment for all Jelena Dokic fans on her poor performance at the U.S. Open. It seemed to me that her mind was not on the match, but some other place. I suspect she may be having some personal or family problems. I hope she can resolve these problems before her next tournament. I'll be sure to include her in my prayers for a speedy return to her former tennis playing ability.
- T.H. Jamestown. New York. USA

Manhattan Beach - Saturday, 10 August, 2002
I did check the British sports BBC website, and saw that Jelena and her family are contemplating moving to the UK. My family and I were born in London England, so we are of course, quite happy that Jelena should want to move there. It would do a lot for British women's tennis, because I don't think they have a player in the top 100. Good luck to her wherever she goes. Her father probably does what he thinks is best for the family and Jelena's career. Sometimes tough decisions have to be made by the head of the family. I made a tough decision when I moved my family to the USA. Luckily my wife agreed with my decision. If I read the sports news bar correctly as it flashed on the TV screen, Ai Sugiyama beat Jennifer Capriati, and Chanda Rubin beat Serena Williams. That will make life easier for Jelena in the JP Morgan Classic.
- T.H. Jamestown. New York. USA

San Diego - Wednesday, 07 August, 2002
What a great job Jelena Dokic did in he Acura Classic. Finally beating Jennifer Capriati, and coming from behind to beat Anna Kournikova. I watched that match live on TV, and was on the edge of my seat until it was over. Her match with Venus Williams was a little less tense, and may have been a little more competitive had she not been feeling sick with a stomach virus, and kept her first service errors down some. Congratulations to Jelena anyway, and we wish her good luck in her upcoming matches. Nice to see her ranking moved up to number five.
- T.H. Jamestown. New York. USA

Roland Garros - Wednesday, 05 June, 2002
What a great job Jelena did in the French Open, to take the number one seed Jennifer Capriati to a three set match. Had Jelena not made those double faults on her serve in the final stages of the first set, I beleive she would have won the match. It's great to see her back in a more healthy condition, making some awesome shots, proving she is worthy of her Sanex WTA ranking of number nine. Once she controls her "service", and cuts down on some "unforced errors", I think she will move up into the top three. I certainly look forward to Wimbledon, and wish her God speed and good luck.
- T.H. Jamestown. New York. USA

Roma - Friday, 17 May, 2002
So once again, Jelena makes an early exit. Jelena appears to be struggling a bit these past few tournaments. Thankfully she is winning some of her matches. I think maybe she needs to take a rest, repair and strengthen her leg, and get ready for the big one at Wimbledon, England. Dokic fans would love to see her win that one. I am originally from London, England, and for many years I used to drive by the Wimbledon Tennis Centre on my way to work each day. That was long before I became a tennis fan. Wished I could be there this Summer. I hope the British newspapers give her some better treatment this time. I was embarrassed to be British last year. Hopefully we will get some more positive results from Jelena in the very near future. I wish her god speed and pray for an early full recovery of her injuries.
- T.H. Jamestown. New York. USA

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