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Anthony Hills' Column 2004

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Beograd - Saturday, 30 October, 2004
I read the website which the webmaster referenced regarding Jelena Dokic. If the comments stated therein are true, then it is possible that Jelena may finally be getting back into a relationship with her family. There is no mistaking her apparent downfall since she broke away from her family. It seems her entire way of life, structured by her parents from a very early age, just collapsed around her. My observations are that her new coach, boyfriends, friends and close acquaintances alike, have done little if nothing, to support her in her time of great need. It seems to me to be a sensible move on her part to re-unite with her parents and start again from the beginning. No doubt it will be a long hard road that she now has to endure, but as I have mentioned before, Jelena appears to have the required physical and mental attributes to make such a comeback. I for one look forward to her accepting this great challenge, and offer my unconditional support in that regard. Rememb!
er, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step forward.
You can do it!! God bless you Jelena.
- Tony Hills. Jamestown. NY. USA

Beijing - Thursday, 23 September, 2004
For Jelena Dokic, things seem to be going from bad to worse. Two years ago, we would not have even considered Jelena losing to someone ranked outside of the top fifty. It appears that she may soon be in that category herself, i.e. outside of the top fifty. I'm sure she will be glad when this season is over, and for all intents and purposes, for her it is over!
I for one certainly look forward to a new season, as this year was rather bleak for Jelena's fans. And no doubt, it was not exactly great for her.
In the October 2004 issue of "Tennis Magazine", (between the lines page 25), there is a small piece about Jelena, referring to her continued separation from her family, and how she is not talking with her father anymore. Apparently her father has accused Jelena of taking "performance enhancing drugs". I don't believe that for one minute, but on the other hand, if she is, based on her "lack of performance", the drugs are not working and she should ask for a refund. It seems to me her father is deliberately trying to destroy her, and widen the gap between him and his daughter. I think his actions are deplorable. There is an old saying, Love is like a small bird, hold it too tightly and you smother and kill it. Hold it not tight enough, and it will fly away." Something her father neglected to consider was his fatherly love for a daughter. He seems incapable of letting her go.
I am betting on Jelena being a survivor, so hopefully by next year, she will have put all of her family problems behind her, and get on with the business of playing some real competitive world class tennis.
So to all you Jelena Dokic fans, we now have something to look forward to.
God bless you and keep Jelena whatever your endeavours, and whatever choices you decide to make. Good on ya, and hang tough!
- Tony Hills. Jamestown. NY. USA

Flushing Meadows - Tuesday, 31 August, 2004
Another U.S.Open comes and goes for Jelena Dokic, yeilding continued disappointment for her and her fans. Jelena's match was not televised, but a quick flash on the screen during the Agassi match, updating the score for the first set, had her leading Nathalie Dechy of France by a score of 5-2. This was cause for great encouragement to me, and it crossed my mind that she was actually going to beat the No.28 seed, who had just lost to Elena Bovina last week. I later learned she lost the second set 0-6, and the third set 5-7. My earlier shouts of encouragement soon turned to sighs of disappointment, as I pondered the thoughts of another tournament without seeing Jelena play.
Tracy Austin, who was the USA Television Network commentator, alluded to the fact that Jelena, who had previously been spurned by her father, was now separated from her mother and younger brother. Not a pleasant situation for Jelena to be in ! I pray that she will recover from her family problems, and feel confident she will, given time, return to her former top twenty position in women's tennis.
Meanwhile, I offer my unconditional support to Jelena, and look forward to her next match.
I remind Jelena of an old saying, "It is always darkest before the dawn".
God bless you Jelena.
- Tony Hills. Jamestown. NY. USA

Wimbledon (2) - Sunday, 27 June, 2004
I was saddened to hear Jelena lost in the first round at Wimbledon. Even sadder was the fact that had she won that first match, Dokic fans would have seen her playing against Martina Navratilova, which was aired "live" no less. Oh well, I am sure we will see Jelena in due course. I was disappointed she opted to not play in the Ladies Doubles, or maybe it was her partners decision, as Maleeva seems to be doing quite well in the singles.
As reported on this website, it comes as no surprise that Jelena's family woes continue to burden her, and disrupt her personal life as well as her tennis career. It has become all too evident from her last four tournaments, that all is not well with our Princess. I am not sure if she needs to, or even wants to repatriate herself with her family. This is a decision only she can make, and I believe she is a smart enough young lady to make the right decisions when the time comes. Meanwhile, let us give her a little breathing space, back off with any harsh criticisms, and continue to support her as only true Jelena Dokic fans know how.
There is light at the end of the tunnel Jelena!, and you will find all of the answers to your problems.
Good luck in your next tournament.
God bless you Jelena.
- Tony Hills. Jamestown. New York. USA

Wimbledon - Friday, 18 June, 2004
With Jelena's first round exits in her last two tournaments, I am hopeful, but not overly optimistic about her chances at Wimbledon. It was mentioned on this website, that Jelena was not in tennis for the money, and indeed, she was persuing other options at hinted at a possible change in her career. I hope that it is acting and a movie career, so that her fans can continue to follow her activities.
Meanwhile, she is now headed for Wimbledon England, and I would like to wish her good luck and God speed in that endeavour. I am happy to see she is also entered in the Ladies Doubles, with a very compitent player as her partner. I am sure they will do well.
If you are following the WTA charts like I do, it is hard not to notice how another previous top ten player has also slipped in the rankings. I am referring to Daniela Hantuchova, who has fallen out of the top fifty. So Jelena is not alone in having a "bad time". I hope they both prevail at Wimbledon, and the ensueing tournaments.
God bless you Jelena.
- Tony Hills. Jamestown. NY. USA.

Roland Garros - Wednesday, 26 May, 2004
With Jelena's third "first round" exit in as many tournaments, it has certainly made watching the WTA tour a lot less interesting for me. She is clearly not playing her best tennis, although some of her harsh critics may say she is playing her best, and is just not capable of reaching the top ten again.
I like to think I am Jelena's number one fan, so any such notion of her not climbing back in the rankings will meet with my instant disapproval.
A blind man can see she is obviously going through a rough period right now, and for critics to "pile on" during her time of imminent despair, only lends itself to the practice of (kicking someone while they are down). Loyal tennis fans know better! True Dokic fans will hang tough!
I believe Jelena has all of the skills and the fortitude to pull it all back together, and grind her way back up into the higher rankings. I further believe that, this seemingly "low point" in her career, is nothing more than just another hiccup, (one of many), and in the long run, will not only improve her game, but will add one more brick to the necessary building of a strong character. She will emerge from this low point all the better for it.
As for me, well I will have to be patient and wait for Jelena to re-assert herself, and bring her previous explosive talents back into women's tennis.
It has been a while since I last saw her play "live" on TV, so let's go Jelena, you owe us one. Go get'em sport!
Good luck and God bless.
- Tony Hills. Jamestown. NY USA

Berlin - Wednesday, 05 May, 2004
Rather a disappointing and demoralizing loss for Jelena against the talented American girl Meghann Shaughnessy in the German Open.
I have to believe Jelena is still plagued by an injury which continues to prevent her from playing her best tennis.
Unfortunately, with her recent performances, she seems destined to drop another place or two in the WTA rankings, which hopefully will not add too much to her problems.
I'm concerned she may drop enough, whereby, some of her sponsors may decide to withdraw from her, which in turn could drastically affect her financially. Not winning tournaments must have already added some burden on her finances, so maybe that will give her some cause for alarm, and incentive enough to spark a little fire in our young tennis star.
Meanwhile, I guess all Jelena Dokic fans must continue to be patient, and be ever supportive of her in her time of need. We should not lose sight of the fact that there are a lot of great players in women's tennis today, and the competition is very real.
I pray for an end to whatever is bothering Jelena, and look forward to her returning to her former self in due course.
God bless you Jelena.
- Tony Hills. Jamestown. NY. USA

Miami - Wednesday, 31 March, 2004
Too bad on Jelena's loss to Dementiava, but at least she put up a struggle before losing to the number five seed. I would like to have seen her go a little further in the tournament, but it does appear she is recovering from her injuries, and regaining her former confidence, and is hopefully working her way out of her slump. I am looking forward to her next tournament.
As for me, I am off to London, England for the next three weeks, so I will be watching tennis from there. Of course Wimbledon is on my list of places to visit, even though there are no matches there. Good luck next time out Jelena, and as always, God bless.
- Tony Hills. Jamestown. NY. USA

Indian Wells - Monday, 15 March, 2004
I never saw Jelena's match on television, so it is hard for me to make any judgement on her performance. It was encouraging to see that it was a three set match, so it was not as one sided as it could have been. Also, I am thankful to hear that her previous thigh injury is making a full recovery.
I don't think Jelena is any more disappointed than many of her fans on her more recent performances, so we need to continue to support her, and look for her game to improve in the near future. Until then, good luck and God bless you Jelena.
- Tony Hills. Jamestown. New York. USA

Doha - Friday, 05 March, 2004
I don't think too many of us were surprised with Jelena's performance at the Qatar Total Open. Based on some news accounts I read, of people who saw her, she appeared to be in a despondent and rather lethargic mood.
Having a "don't care" attitude won't get the job done! She needs to come to grips with whatever is bothering her, put it behind her, and re-focus. Then perhaps she will regain that super spark, and re-ignite the tremendous energy we all know she has.
Maybe her return to the USA will afford her the needed opportunity to "bounce back". Then hopefully, she will begin to play tennis the way she did a few years ago, with her fiery passion and aggression.
Let's go Jelena! It's time to take it up a notch. Good on ya!
Good luck and God bless.
- Tony Hills. Jamestown. New York. USA

Dubai - Thursday, 26 February, 2004
I am still in shock from Jelena's most recent loss to #38 seed Petra Mandula. These first round losses will certainly not help her ranking, which at this point in time, appears to be the least of her problems. However, it is still early in the WTA season to draw any conclusions as to Jelena's future performances, and I for one, feel confident, that she is more resilient than some people would give her credit for. I believe she will bounce right back, and will soon start to respond to the immense challenges she now faces. Let us continue to support her even in her seemingly "less fruitful" efforts, and hope and pray for some better results in her next tournament. Go get-em Jelena!
Good luck and God bless you Jelena.
- Tony Hills. Jamestown. New York. USA

Paris - Saturday, 14 February, 2004
Rather a disappointing loss for our young Jelena in her first match of the Gaz de France. Having not seen the match, I can only speculate that with a 6-0 loss in the final set, her previous "leg injury" must have been bothering her. Let us hope she makes a rapid recovery, and returns to her normal self before the next tournament. God bless you Jelena.
- Tony Hills. Jamestown. New York. USA

Tokyo - Friday, 06 February, 2004
Another nice (comfortable) win by Jelena against the Russian girl. Her next match pits her against the very tough Lindsay Davenport. Jelena's record of 0-8 against Davenport, leaves many Dokic fans keeping their fingers crossed. Making it to the final will certainly be quite an accomplioshment. So good luck Jelena, give this one all you've got.
- Tony Hills. Jamestown.NY. U.S.A.

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