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Anthony Hills' Column 2005

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Australia - Monday, 05 December, 2005
It has been another rather disappointing season for her fans, but whatever she decides to do must be her choice and no-one elses. All we can do is pray for her, and hope she makes the right choices. She is older now and should be more mature, and we can assume she has learned something from the many mistakes she has made in the past.
My thoughts and prayers will be with her, and I hope to see her on the major tennis circuits before too long.
God bless you Jelena, and Merry Christmas.
- Tony Hills. Jamestown. NY. USA

Fano - Thursday, 30 June, 2005
It seems as if Jelena just cannot get going on a win streak. Try as she may, she comes up short, and is now losing to players who three years ago she would have beaten very easily. I suppose we should give her some credit for playing, even though her efforts seem to give results which are a lot less desirable than we as her fans would like. As long as she is prepared to pick up a tennis racket and get into tournaments, I personally will not give up hoping and praying for her return to her former playing ability. This appears to be light years away right now, but as I have indicated before, she is still quite young, and physically capable of making that still attainable top player status. So until she gives up and drops out of tennis, I will not give up on her, and I will continue to throw my unconditional support behind her. If and when she does drop out of tennis, I will continue to cherish the memories of those great matches she played in, and relish in the fact that I was and still am an Jelena Dokic fan.
Good luck Jelena, and may you find peace in what appears at this time, to be your slightly troubled world.
Pax vobiscum.
- Anthony Hills. Jamestown. NY USA
* Pax vobiscum: Latin phrase "Peace be with you."

Wimbledon - Friday, 10 June, 2005
It is gratifying to see that Jelena has been given a wild card spot in the 2005 Championships. We can only hope and pray that she does well enough to make some kind of positive impression on the tennis world, and maybe start her long trip on the "comeback trail". Dokic fans have certainly been deprived of watching her play in recent months, (or is it years), and if not for the watching of the many videos I have of her previous matches, I would have been totally disappointed. I do have other favorite players which I enjoy watching, but none so favorite as Jelena. Even though she is well out of top ten ranking, she still retains an enormous following, which I think is fantastic and an amazing accomplishment. I wish her good luck and God speed in her upcoming endeavour.
Go get'em sport.
- Tony Hills. Jamestown. NY. USA

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JELENA!!! - Tuesday, 12 April, 2005
22 and looking fantastic. Have a great birthday and an even greater tennis season in 2005. God bless you.
From myself and all your fans in the U.S.A.
- Tony Hills. Jamestown. New York. U.S.A.

Indian Wells - Saturday, 19 March, 2005
Jelena appears to still be struggling within herself which no doubt reflects itself in her poor performances. I think her physical condition is fine, but her mental attitude continues to be out of sync, and she is allowing herself to be sucked down into the maelstrom of defeat. This is quite uncharacteristic of her, because she is usually such a fighter. I don't have a million dollars, but if I did, I would gladly give it up to find out exactly what Jelena's problem is. It has been a sad three years for her fans, and while we continue to support her, and forever hope that the next tournament is the one she breaks out of her slump, that time just does not seem to come about. I am sure she will eventually shake loose all of her problems, be they physical or mental, and I remain confident she will make a re-appearance into the top fifty again. Let us not forget that Jelena is still a very young player, and other great players of the past have made their late appearances,! much to the surprise of many tennis fans.
I must confess that my interest in WTA has waned somewhat, primarily because of Jelena's non participation in many tournaments. Not having someone to cheer for in any sport can prove to be a little frustrating. Notwithstanding, frustrating as it is for all Jelena Dokic fans, let us keep the faith, and look to enjoy much better times in the near future. Give us something to cheer about Jelena!
Good luck, and may God bless you.
- Tony Hills. Jamestown. NY USA

Pattaya City - Monday, 31 January, 2005
Finally she is playing, and a nice win from our young Jelena! Wonders will never cease, and oh how the power of prayer works.. How excited she must be to be back in the mix, and winning at that. It has been a long dry spell for her fans, and now, with a little encouragement from us all she can begin to make the huge climb back into battle with the big girls. Way to go Jelena, I for one certainly look forward to more of the same.
God bless you guide you through this very important tournament.
- Tony Hills. Jamestown. NY USA

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