Jelena Dokic: Column 5

Anthony Hills' Column 2006

You can read the messages from Mr Anthony Hills, who is one of her great supporters
living in New York and writes for us his commentaries on her tennis in this website.
Thank you very much to Tony for your support!!

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Ismaning - Saturday, 11 November, 2006
It is great to hear that Jelena is once again back in action. And winning. I just hope she does well in this tournament. I keep her in my prayers.
I understand she was injured, and is now recovering. I also read in my last issue of Tennis Magazine, that she is now living in Monte Carlo.
How great it would be to see her make a comeback, then us loyal Jelena Dokic fans could thumb our noses at a lot of people who gave up on her.
Keep it up Jelena. And may God bless you.
- Tony Hills. Jamestown. NY. USA

Melbourne - Thursday, 19 January, 2006
In her postgame interview, Jelena said "It was the most disappointing loss of her career". To me, all of her losses are disappointing, and this most recent one was no exception. Unfortunately, her Australian Open match was not broadcast on USA ESPN, so I did not see it, but I understand she was given a very poor call by one of the line judges, which, from that point on, Jelena just disintegrated. She has to overcome those "bad calls" and just get on with the task at hand. I would have thought that with all of her years of tennis experience, she would have mastered at least that part of the game. Come on Jelena, bad calls are all part of it, some go your way, and some don't, and if the truth is known, they even out during the course of a season. I cannot imagine a match being lost because of one bad call.
All that aside, it was exciting to see that Jelena was back in action, and win or lose, I hope to see more of her matches in future tournaments.
Hopefully she is finding lotst of Aussie hospitality in her new surroundings, which I am sure is not too strange to her, and I hope the Aussies are making her feel welcome.
Good luck Jelena, and may God bless you.
- Tony Hills. Jamestown. NY USA

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