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Base of Activity. Birth Place:
Miss Dokic was born in Osijek in April 1983. Osijek is the important city with the long history in Slavonia and Barania district of the Croatia eastern part. It is situated on the river Drava, the branch of the Danube.
-- Thank you very much to Baja for your kindness and support.

Photo quoted from Systematics-Frios website
Osijek City
The Dokics left Osijek on 21st June, 1991 to Sombor and immigrated into Australia in June 1994 to flee from the dismemberment war of Yugoslavia, depending on relatives in Sydney. She was 11 years old at the time.
She had been living in Fairfield from 1994 to 2001 with her family - parents and younger brother. The City of Fairfield is located in a 40km drive south west of Sydney, Australia.
The Dokics left Australia in February 2001 to live in Florida, USA. She had already bought a house in Saddlebrook, Florida in 2000 for hard-court season in USA. Saddlebrook is located 20 km north of Tampa and in a 30 minutes drive from the Tampa International Airport. Jennifer Capriati lives nearby at Saddlebrook Way Wesley Chapel as a longtime resident. Other neighbors are Martina Hingis, rising star Ashley Harkleroad and Ai Sugiyama of Japan. The WTA Tour moved its headquarters to St. Petersburg, near by Tampa City, from Stanford in December 2001.
She reportedly bought an apartment in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in April 2001 for European tournaments. The Dokics finally moved back to Belgrade in May 2002 to build their home with practice courts, and then she parted from her family to live in Monaco.
After a two year absence, she returned to Serbia-Montenegro in October 2004 to live with her mother and brother in a Belgrade apartment. And then she visited her father's house at Vrdnik village, near Novi Sad in north-western Serbia. Vrdnik is a spa village on the slopes of Fruska Gora mountain, located about 80 km away from Belgrade.

Training Place:
Open Sports Club:
Autovia de Castelldefels, KM 8, 2 08820 EL Prat de Llobregat Apdo. de Correos 176 Barcelona, Spain.
The Open Sports Club, owned by former player Emilio Sanchez, older brother of Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario, has 10 clay courts, 15 hard courts and 2 astroturf courts.

Photo quoted from
Open Sports Club
Monte Carlo Country Club:
155 Avenue Princesse Grace, in Roquebrune Cap Martin, France.
The venue of the ATP's Tennis Masters Monte-Carlo.
Roquebrune is lacated between Monaco and Menton. The MCCC, established in 1928, has 23 clay courts and 2 hard courts.

Photo quoted from the MCCC website
Monte Carlo Country Club
Tennis Club Partizan:
Humska br.1, Beograd 11000, Serbia-Montenegro.
The biggest and most traditional tennis club in Belgrade. The club is located in Topcider Hill, second-largest sports complex in Belgrade, built in 1949.

Photo quoted from the University of Belgrade website
Partizan Tennis Courts
Saddlebrook Resort:
5700 Saddlebrook Way, Wesley Chapel, Florida, USA.
Official Resort of the WTA Tour.
Tennis and golf resort that takes up the entire suburb of Wesley Chapel on the outskirts of Tampa, Florida. There are 2 championship layouts and 45 tennis courts with 4 different surfaces. Saddlebrook is the home of the Harry Hopman International Tennis Academy. Bradenton, the home of Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy, is located 50 km south of Tampa.

Saddlebrook Resort
Saddlebrook Resort
Fairfield Park Tennis Complex:
She had been usually spending spare time at Fairfield Park near by her home.

White City Tennis Club:
30 Alma Street, Paddington NSW 2021, Australia.
She had been training at White City in Sydney's eastern suburbs since junior days.

Photo quoted from Tennis NSW website
White City Tennis Club
NSW Tennis Centre:
Shirley Strickland Avenue, Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush Bay NSW 2127, Australia. -
The centre was removed from White City to Olympic Park, in a distance of 14km west from Sydney. Miss Dokic and Evonne Cawley played the first rally on the Olympic venue's premier court on 8th December, 1999.
Photo quoted from The Olympic Coordination Authority website
NSW Tennis Centre Stadium Court

Racquet. YONEX RDX500HD - consumers' model specs. (April, 2004 -)
Length: 27 inch
Head Size: 98
Weight: 320 g (unstrung)
Balance: 310 mm (unstrung)
Beam: 21-18 mm
Stringing: 18M/20C
Material: Graphite/HMG/Ni-Ti/Tungsten composite

Yonex RDX500HD

Photo quoted from Yinex website.
YONEX RDX500 - consumers' model specs. (February, 2004 -)
Length: 27 inch
Head Size: 90
Weight: 320 g (unstrung)
Balance: 310 mm (unstrung)
Beam: 20-18 mm
Stringing: 16M/18C
Material: Graphite/HMG/Ni-Ti/Tungsten composite

Yonex RDX500

Photo quoted from Yinex website.
HEAD Liquidmetal prestige MP - consumers' model specs. (March, 2004 -)
Length: 690 mm (27 inch)
Head Size: 98 (mid-plus)
Weight: 320 g (unstrung)
Balance: 310 mm (unstrung)
Beam: 21 mm (straight beam)
Stringing: 18M/20C (parallel)
Grip: HydroControl
Material: LiquidMetal titanium/graphite composite with Intellifibers

HEAD Liquidmetal prestige

Photo quoted from HEAD Sport website.
HEAD LiquidMetal Instinct - consumers' model specs. (October, 2003 ? -)
Length: 685 mm (standard)
Head Size: 100
Weight: 295 g (unstrung)
Balance: 320 mm (unstrung)
Beam: 23/25/21 mm
Stringing: 18M/19C (parallel)
Grip: Comfortac Traction
Material: LiquidMetal Titanium/graphite composite with Intellifibers
Swing Style: L3

HEAD LiquidMetal Instinct

Photo quoted from HEAD Sport website.
HEAD i.prestige MP - consumers' model specs. (August, 2003 -)
Length: 685 mm (standard)
Head Size: 98 (mid-plus)
Weight: 320 g (unstrung)
Balance: 310 mm (unstrung)
Beam: 21 mm (classic)
Stringing: 18M/20C (parallel)
Grip: Comfortac Traction
Material: Titanium/graphite composite with Intellifibers
Swing Style: L6

HEAD i.prestige MP

Photo quoted from HEAD Sport website.
HEAD i.X6 MP - consumers' model specs. (May, 2002 -)
Length: 695 mm (xtralong)
Head Size: 102 (mid-plus)
Weight: 250 g (unstrung)
Balance: 360 mm (unstrung)
Beam: 26 mm (box shape)
Stringing: 16M/20C (parallel)
Grip: ComforTac
Material: Graphite Composite with Piezzo Electric Fibers


Photo quoted from HEAD Sport website.
HEAD i.S6 MP - consumers' model specs. (February, 2001 -)
Length: 27 1/2 inch
Head Size: 102 (mid-plus)
Weight: 240 g (unstrung)
Balance: 360 mm (unstrung)
Beam: 26 mm (box shape)
Stringing: 16M/20C
Grip: ComforTac
Material: Titanium/graphite composite with Intellifibers


Photo quoted from HEAD Sport website.
HEAD Ti.S2 MP - consumers' model specs.
Length: 27 1/2 inch
Head Size: 102 (mid-plus)
Weight: 245 g (unstrung)
Balance: 360 mm (unstrung)
Beam: 25 mm (box shape)
Stringing: 18M/19C
Grip: SofTac
Material: Titanium/graphite composite


Photo quoted from HEAD Sport website.
She started her 2005 season, using HEAD racquets (18M/20C) with HEAD's stencil mark on the strings at the Volvo Women's Open in Pattaya.
She seemed to play with HEAD racquets (18M/20C - may be "i.prestige") at the Wimbledon Championships in June, the U.S. Open in August and the China Open in September, 2004.
She used Yonex RDX500HD (18M/20C - but, colored like RDX500) at the Ladies German Open in Berlin in May, 2004.
She reportedly used Yonex racquets in April, 2004 at the Fed Cup Europe / Africa Zone Group-1 event in Athens, Greece.
She again switched racquets to HEAD in March, 2004. She used "HEAD i.prestige" in Doha, and then "HEAD Liquidmetal prestige" in Indian Wells without any stencil marks.
She switched racquets to Yonex in February, 2004. She was trying "Yonex RDX500" (90 at the 2004 Toray Pan Pacific Open. However, her model was officially announced as "Yonex RDX500HD" (98 at first.
She seems to use the same model as Gustavo Kuerten's racquet "HEAD i.prestige MP" since the 2003 Pilot Pen Tennis in New Haven. announced "Jelena Dokic is playing the new HEAD i.X6 MP racquet since the French Open in Paris where she entered the quarter-final using this new powerful racquet with Xtra precision," on 17th June, 2002.
She answered "Head TIS2," to the question "with what racket do you play and how much does it cost?" in the Sanex Live Chat, which was held on 15th May, 2002 in Rome. I wondered why she answered so. Is she still using Ti.S2 colored like i.S6?
According to an official stringer at the Toyota Princess Cup 2000, her racquet has been customized to be 340 g (?!) by adding weight.

Strings. Babolat Natural Gut
"VS AS TEAM" - 1.30mm/16g
"VS TOUCH" - 1.30mm/16g

Babolat, founded in 1875 in France, is the first company to have specialised in racket sports and a leading manufacturer of natural tennis gut strings. Miss Dokic played with the Babolat natural gut "VS Team" at the 2003 Toray Pan Pacific Open in Tokyo. Her racquet had both Head's and Babolat's stencils on the strings. A black double line on the stringing bed means that she has a contract with Babolat to use its strings.
The Babolat official website listed her name on the "Women Strings Team" page in September, 2003.
She used another natural gut "VS Touch" for Yonex new racquet "RDX500" at the 2004 Toray Pan Pacific Open in Tokyo.

VS Team

VS Touch
Pacific Natural Gut
"Tournament Pro.Imperial - Blue Spiral" - 1.35mm (9.0)

The Pacific Natural Gut is one of only a small handful of manufacturers in the world making natural gut strings for racquet sports. The Company is located on the Surf Highway in Manaia on the West Coast of New Zealand's North Island. Miss Dokic used the Pacific natural gut at the 2002 Toray Pan Pacific Open in Tokyo.
Pacific Quality Cross
Klipspringer Natural Gut
"Legend 130" - 1.30mm/16g

The Klipspringer began to produce natural gut tennis strings in 1930s and is the first manufacturer which made strings from beef instead of matton. The family company is located at Braybrook in Melbourne's western suburbs, Australia. Miss Dokic has been part of the Klip Team since 1996 and used Legend in all that time.
- Information courtesy of Klip Australia Pty Ltd.
  40 Cranwell Street VIC 3019 Australia.

Klip Home Page
Klip Stencil
String Tension
2004 Toray Pan Pacific Open:
31 Jan. 200455 lbs, 55/53 lbs
03 Feb. 200425 kg
04 Feb. 200455 lbs, 59 lbs
05 Feb. 200426 kg, 27 kg
06 Feb. 200459 lbs, 59 lbs
07 Feb. 200459 lbs
2003 Toray Pan Pacific Open: 64 lbs.
2002 Toray Pan Pacific Open: 60 lbs
2001 Toyota Princess Cup: 63 lbs
- Information courtesy of the official stringer "Gosen".

Clothes & Shoes etc. FILA Sport
She had been sponsored clothes and shoes by Fila from April or May 1999 to December 2003. Until then, she was with Nike (and Prince, Yonex), but there were no major sponsorship deals yet. She again switched clothes and shoes to FILA in January, 2005 at the Volvo Women's Open in Pattaya.

Photo quoted from

She has been sponsored clothes, shoes, racquet and racquet bag by Yonex with a comprehensive contract since February, 2004. It was officially announced in the press conference at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo on 2nd February, 2004. Her shoes models are SHT-21 and SHT-11.

Photo quoted from

Dolce & Gabbana
Her favorite perfume is Dolce & Gabbana "Light Blue".
-- according to an interview report from Shanghai in September, 2003.
Dolce & Gabbana
Her favorite color is aqua-blue.
She prefers to wear one-piece dresses on court.

On Court Habits. Have you noticed some else more ?
Superstitious about stepping on the lines.
Superstitious about wearing the same clothes and using the same racquet after a match win.
Blowing a breath to cool her right palm while waiting for serves.
Bouncing the ball 5 times before the 1st serve and 2 times with the 2nd serve.
Receiving bolls from the ball-person of her fore-hand side in her service game.
Preferring as always as possible the bench on the left-hand side of the umpire stand.
-- reported by Mamis and Saya
Preferring sitting on the right-hand side of a bench and turning to the left-hand side partner in a doubles match. -- reported by Mamis
Bringing 2 racquets into a practice court.
She reportedly said "I don't normally read my draws as it's a superstition," on 26th July, 2001.
Using blue colored overgrips.
Playing with both her wrists bandaged.
She was quoted as saying "the ball boys and girls always have to pass me the ball with an underarm throw," by the AP News as of 28th June, 2002.

William Morris Agency
One William Morris Place, Beverly Hills, California, USA
fax : +1-310-859-4205
Manager : Jill Smoller

William Morris Agency, Inc. was founded in 1898 in New York. Jill Smoller is top sports agent at the William Morris Agency's sports marketing department. She left the AMG Sports in 2002 to join rival WMA, taking with her clients including Pete Sampras, Serena Williams, Pam Shriver, Ashley Harkleroad and so on.

William Morris Agency

Octagon Athlete Representation
663 Victoria St, Suite 16, Abbotsford, 3067 Victoria, Australia
phone : +061-03-9427-9655
International manager : Ivan Brixi

Octagon, Advantage's parent company, was formed in May 1997 as the sports marketing and entertainment division of The Interpublic Group. Octagon has been split up into four operating companies including Octagon Athlete Representation. The contract between Miss Dokic and Octagon expired at the end of 2001. Ivan Brixi had managed her since 1996.

Octagon Group

Advantage International Inc.
PO Box 3297, North Burnley, 3121 Victoria, Australia
phone : +061-03-9427-9655
Australian manager : John McCurdy

Advantage International was founded in 1983 as an athlete representation agency of The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc., is based in Washington. DC, USA. The operations span the world with 14 offices. There are three main business : sponsorship consultancy, event management and athlete management. Advantage International had represented her since February 1999.

Advantage International

Education. Strathfield Secondary Distance Education Centre
Network TEN Schools Project
When she can, She had been attending Fairfield High School.

The Age Eligibility Rule
A 16-year-old may play 10 WTA Tour / ITF Women's Circuit events plus the season-ending Championships plus 3 exhibition / non-Tour events.
A 17-year-old may play 13 WTA Tour / ITF Women's Circuit events plus the season-ending Championships plus 3 exhibition / non-Tour events. In the year of her 17th birthday, a player may be named to the Exempt Player lists. Exempt players must refer to the 2000 Rule Book and contact the Manger of Player Development in St. Petersburg Florida, for specific details on the number of wild cards and tournaments allowed under the Age Eligibility Rule.
An 18-year-old may play an unlimited number of WTA Tour / ITF Women's Circuit events plus the season-ending Championships.

Nickname. "Jeca" or "Jela"
This information is provided by courtesy of Mr. Ljubisa Bojic (nickname: Yuba).
The following is his e-mail report, which was received on 30th March, 2001.
Hello dhbvg87,
... I am from Yugoslavia the country Jelena was born. During my visit to Hong Kong I talked to Jelena. Through that conversation I was talking to her "Jeca" (which is usually nickname given to girls that are named Jelena). Also Serbian tradition is to make middle names from father name so her full name is Jelena Damir Dokic. It is same for example in Russia so Anna Kournikova middle name is Sergejivna... It is same with boys...

With regard to the matter, Mamis posted a message for us on the webboard of the Jelena Dokic Fan Club in Japan like this: "Jeca" seems to change to "Jeco" when it is called out in conversation.

Another information was brought by Jelena fan, Milan.
The following is his feedback message, which was received on 22nd October, 2001.
... I was also born in Yugoslavia... "Jeca" is not most common nickname for girls named Jelena. It is "Jela". I've never heard that any girl likes to be called "Jeca" as in Serbian...
Another thing is her full name. I have never heard for that tradition in my life and I'm 20 years old! Well for boys it could work, but for girls? ... I have never heard Jelena while saying her full name, to use "Damir" as her middle name...
Thank you!

One more information was brought by German Jelena fan, Mr.Gerhard Grundhammer.
The following is his feedback message, which was received on 25th December, 2001.
As the goddess herself said to me: Jeca is the common short for Jelena in Yougoslavia, but I prefer to be called Jela, because it sounds more female!... I met her just after Wimbledon when she was playing in Austria (Vienna) and Belgium (Knogge Heist).

I have received the following message from Serbian fan, Dado on 27th February, 2004.
This guy named Milan is right! There is no such nickname in Yugoslavia as Jeca and there is no way that her middle name is given after father name!! Never heard such thing and I have lived there all my life. So it is Jela and no damir as a middle name.

Incidentally, it will become a friendly nickname when "-chan" is attached to front two or three syllables of personal name for both boys and girls in Japan. If you met a girl named "Masako" for example, call her "Masa-chan". You will be able to have more friendly relation with her. However, do not use this to elders.

-- Thank you very much to Yuba, Mamis, Milan, Gerhard and Dado for your kindness and support.

Favourite Foods. Pasta and Fruit
She reportedly has said in 1999: "Depends when I play, but mainly high energy foods - pasta and fruit," to the question "What do you eat the night before a game?".
In the interview for "New Idea" magazine published in Australia in April, 2001, she reportedly said that she was always eating half a watermelon, a rockmelon, half a kilo of strawberrirs and some pears every day.
In the interview for "Tennis World" magazine published in UK in August, 2001, she reportedly said: "Sometimes I have cereal in the morning, sometimes something heavier like eggs when I've been playing a lot or I'm hungry. For lunch I like protein, my family likes a lot of meat so I'm used to eating that European style of food but when I'm playing matches every day I change that and eat more carbohydrates like pasta and rice. I'm not really used to eating in the evening, just fruit or if I do have something it will be light because I can't sleep on a full stomach," to the question "What would a typical day's meals be?" by Melanie South.

The following is a recipe for making "The Food of Champions" by her father.

Serbian Goulash (Stew)
1. Saute 2 onions in olive oil until golden brown
2. Add 1.5 kg of diced lamb
3. Add 2 bay leaves and 4 heaped tablespoons of tomato paste
4. Add enough water to cover the meat
5. Allow to simmer for approximately 20 minutes
6. Stir in a tablespoon of fresh paprika and a large red chilli
7. Add 2 kg of chopped potatoes and let this simmer for approximately another 20 to 30 minutes before serving (serves 4-6)
-- reported by Burke's Backyard Online (NSW, Australia) in August 2000.

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