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Tennis Coaches.

Dado Majoli
Brother of Croatia's former French Open champion Iva Majoli.
After stopping working with Borna Bikic, Miss Dokic started travelling with Dado Majoli in April, 2006.
-- Photo courtesy of pixy75.

Dado Majoli and Jelena Dokic
Dado Majoli with Jelena in Roehampton
on 20th June, 2006.

Borna Bikic
Former coach of German player Marlene Weingartner.
After parting company with Heinz Gunthardt because of his limited ability to travel with her, Miss Dokic started working with 27-year-old Croatian hitting friend Borna Bikic in Vienna in June, 2003.
He parted from Miss Dokic to work with Croatian player Karolina Sprem in April (or March), 2005.
-- Photo courtesy of Mr. Stephane Gendre.
Nationality: Croatia
Birth Date: 01 Nov. 1975

Borna Bikic, Tino Bikic and Jelena Dokic
Jelena Dokic's Team in Bali on 7th September, 2003. (

Heinz Gunthardt
Former coach of Steffi Graf (1992-1999).
Miss Dokic has been training with him since November 2002.
They seemed to have a contract to travel together for major tournaments in 2003.
-- Photo quoted from Yahoo! Nachrichten website.
Nationality: Switzerland
Birth Date: 08 Feb. 1959
Birth Place: Zurich, Switzerland
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Plays: Right-handed
Sponsored by Fila
1995 TENNIS Magazine Coach of the Year
1975-1990 Switzerland Davis Cup Team Member
Career Highlights of Singles:
  1976 Wimbledon and Roland Garros Boys' Singles Champion
  1985 Wimbledon and U.S. Open Singles Quarterfinalist
Career Highlights of Doubles:
  1982-83, 1986 World Championship Tennis Champion with Balcizs Taroczy
  1981 Roland Garros Doubles Champion with Balcizs Taroczy
  1985 Wimbledon Doubles Champion with Balcizs Taroczy
  1985 U.S. Open Mixed Doubles Champion with Martina Navratilova
Heinz Gunthardt
Heinz Gunthardt
(17 January, 2003)

Anthony Dalton Roche
Australia's Davis Cup coach from 1994 to 2000. Australia defeated France in the 1999 Davis Cup Final.
He was regarded as one of the finest specialists of net play.
Miss Dokic practised with him when possible from September 1999 to June 2000.
-- She needs permanent "real" adviser and travelling "professional" coach.
-- Photo quoted from Sports website.
Nationality: Australia
Birth Date: 17 May, 1945
Birth Place: Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 79 kg
ATP High Rank for Singles: 8 (16 Nov. 1975)
ATP High Rank for Doubles: 748 (25 Jun. 1984)
Career Highlights of Singles:
  1968 Wimbledon Finalist
  1969 Australian Open Semifinalist, French Open Semifinalist,
  Wimbledon Semifinalist, U.S. Open Finalist
  1970 U.S. Open Finalist
  1974 Australian Open Semifinalist
  1975 Wimbledon Semifinalist
Anthony Roche
Tony Roche

Wally Masur
Former Australian Davis Cup player.
After splitting with coach Lesley Bowery in April (or March) 1999, Miss Dokic had been advised by him on a part-time basis.
He took up the post as Australia's Davis Cup team coach in December 2000 in succession to Tony Roche.
-- Photo quoted from Hyundai Hopman Cup website.
Nationality: Australia
Birth Date: 13 May, 1963
Birth Place: Southampton, England
Residence: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Turned Pro: 1982
ATP High Rank for Singles: 15 (11 Oct. 1993)
ATP High Rank for Doubles: 8 (12 Apr. 1993)
Career Highlights of Singles: 1993 U.S. Open Semifinalist
Wally Masur
Wally Masur

Lesley Turner-Bowrey
Former Australia's Fed Cup captain.
One of the players who took part in the first Federation Cup in 1963.
- She was elected to the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1997.
- She married Australian Davis Cup player and former Tennis Australia national coach Bill Bowrey in 1968.
Member of Tennis Coaches Asutralia NSW.
Miss Dokic's personal coach from August 1997 to April 1999.
For 2 years, Lesley Bowrey drilled her every day, never receiving or asking for a cent in return.
Lesley Bowrey added her to the Australian Fed Cup team for a Fed Cup qualifier against Argentina in Canberra in July 1998. She was just 15 years old at the time.
Lesley Bowrey handed in her Fed Cup resignation after taking Australia to the finals in Madrid in November, 2001.
-- Photo quoted from Tennis Australia official website.
Nationality: Australia
Birth Date: 16 Aug. 1942
Birth Place: Trangie, NSW, Australia
Career Highlights of Singles:
  1962 French Open Finalist
  1963 French Open Champion
  1964 Australian Open Finalist
  1965 French Open Champion
  1967 Australian Open Finalist, French Open Finalist
  1968 Wimbledon Quarterfinalist
  1969 French Open Semifinalist, Wimbledon Quarterfinalist
  1971 French Open Quarterfinalist
Lesley Bowrey
Lesley Bowrey

Craig Miller
Her first tennis coach who spotted her talent in Australia.
Former New South Wales state coach.
National Men's Development Coach Tennis Australia
Board Member of Tennis Coaches Australia NSW. - TCA
After she won an 18/u event in Canberra at the age of 11, he added her to the state squad training. From ages 12 to 14, she was trained by him at White City on an individual basis as well.
-- Suzi Petkovski's report, Australian Tennis Magazine 1999.
-- Picture captured from TV-Osaka in Oct. 1998.

Craig Miller
Craig Miller

Kim Warwick
Former professional player and founder of Kim Warwick Tennis Academy.
Her first tennis coach at the age of 11 in Australia.
Nationality: Australia
Birth Date: 08 Apr. 1952
Birth Place: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 77 kg
Plays: Right-handed
Career Highlights of Doubles:
  1972 French Open Mixed Doubles Champion (with Evonne Goolagong)
  1976 French Open Mixed Doubles Champion (with Illona Kloss)
  1978 Australian Open Champion (with Wojtek Fibak)
  1980 Australian Open Champion (with Mark Edmondson)
  1981 Australian Open Champion (with Mark Edmondson)
  1985 French Open Champion (with Mark Edmondson)

Josip Molnar
Her tennis coach until moving to Australia in June 1994.
When she was 9 years old, her father took her to Josip Molnar, Seles's coach. He coached her for 2 years at the Jacques Club. She advanced in tennis in Sombor.
-- Rory Carroll's report, The Guardian 1999.

Nead Trifunovic
Her first tennis coach in Yugoslavia.
She said in September 1998 that she started to play tennis at 6 years old (in Osijek).
When her family moved to the town of Sombor (about 200 km north of Belgrade) in June 1991, her father became inspired by the tennis success of the Serb-born Monica Seles and took her to the Olympia Tennis Club.
-- Rory Carroll's report, The Guardian 1999.


Pam Whytcross
Former professional player.
WTA tour director.
Technical operations manager for tennis at the Sydney Olympics 2000.
Miss Dokic has been coupled with her in the WTA mentor program, which matches a former player with a current player.
Nationality: Australia
Birth Date: 05 Jan. 1953
WTA High Rank for Singles: 75
Career Highlights of Doubles: 1978 Australian Open Finalist

Pam Whytcross
Pam Whytcross

Chris Kachel
Former professional player - from 1973 to 1980.
AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) Tennis program Head Coach. This program is designed to complement and support Australia's national junior development program.

John Trickey
Former professional player.
Australia's national women's tennis development coach.

Fitness Trainers.

Jelena Dokic and Mike Nishihara Mike Nishihara
Director of fitness and sports conditioning at Saddlebrook Resort in Wesley Chapel, Florida.
Her strength and conditioning coach.
Miss Dokic works out with him at the resort when she is not competing at an event.
He was quoted as saying: "When it gets close to a tournament, we'll up the fitness part of Jelena's routine....The day will start with cardio work, then strength training. We do a lot of running drills on the court as well," using a reaction ball, a harness and so on.
-- Stephen Tignor's report, the July/August 2001 issue of "TENNIS" Magazine (USA).
-- Photo quoted from the website.

Tabo Huntley Tabo Huntley
Physiologist and strength and conditioning coach at the English Institute of Sport.
He has been working with elite athletes from a range of sports including tennis, F1, rugby union and athletics. The EIS introduced his biography as "Career highlights including working with Jelena Dokic..."
-- Photo quoted from the EIS official website.

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