Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Hyundai Hopman Cup XIII
Perth, Australia
07 January, 2000

A. SUGIYAMA / J. Dokic, 6-4, 6-3
SUGIYAMA-SUZUKI / Dokic-Philippoussis, walkover

            HYUNDAI HOPMAN CUP 2000 : January 1 - January 8 2000

            Press Conference

            JAPAN 3 d AUSTRALIA 
            7 January 2000 

            Mark Philippoussis
            Jelena Dokic 

            Mark what is the problem?

            Okay, a couple of days ago when I was playing, my achilles hurt a 
            little bit, and I was compensating by using my shin, and they said 
            that I was compensating and I got that muscle sore and you know I 
            don't want to push it because there is that possibility of getting 
            shin splints and if that is the case it could make Melbourne look 
            very dull, so I just want to make sure and take precaution.

            How long have you been advised to rest for?

            I am just going to take a couple of days off and just get some 
            treatment and see what happens next week the most important thing on 
            my mind, obviously, is the Australian Open.

            Will you still play the Colonial, Mark?

            I am not too sure, like I said, if the best thing is to rest and 
            then play Aussie, that is what I will do so I just want to make sure 
            it is 100%.

            Mark, would you have played on if the tie was still live?

            I would have tried going out there, but I think it would have looked 

            What do you say to your fans - there are a lot of fans who paid to 
            see Mark Philippoussis and walked out without seeing Mark 

            The only thing I can do is apologise because the worst thing to me 
            is to disappoint the fans, because that is who we like playing for 
            and they give there support, so I do apologise for the all the fans 
            and the only positive thing I can say is, I look forward to being 
            here next year.

            Mark, obviously you have seen the reports regarding the Davis Cup, 
            do you have comments on that?

            Yes, I don't know where that came from, I never said I am not 
            available for Davis Cup, I am making myself available and John 
            Newcombe will be calling the team out next week.

            So there was never any question that you were not going to play? 

            No, I don't know where it came from.

            Was it disappointing to read that?

            Well you know, you get things in the press, right or wrong but you 
            know as long as you are more right than wrong.

            So you are available to play to play in Switzerland?

            Yes I making myself available.


            Yes, I mean my goal this year, with the rest of the team, is to try 
            as much as possible to defend our title at the Davis Cup, you can 
            see how important the Davis Cup was to me.

            Were you surprised to read that this morning?

            I didn't read it, I don't read what you guys write.
            It quoted Gavin Hoper saying you might not be available? 

            Gavin: I have not spoken to anyone about it, someone spoke to me today, 
            Mark said it to me.

            Paul: Well anyway lets just focus on the Hopman Cup.

            Mark: Well, you heard it from the horses mouth, so quote me on that.

            Having said the reason it was written - what was said in the article 
            was that your schedule was too busy?

            Well I don't want to get into it now. All is said was that I am 
            available, lets leave it at that.

            Can you comment on your schedule now?

            No, I don't want to comment on that, just concentrating on this 
            Summer and the Australian Open that is what I am concentrating on so 
            that is all I want to talk about.

            Jelena, the extent of your injury - how do you feel about the next 
            few weeks coming up?

            I guess it is worse than what I thought it was and I was fine this 
            morning going into the match but I just sort of tightened up and got 
            worse as I played. I will get someone to look at it and hopefully I 
            will be right for Sydney, which I think I will be and if I get a 
            late start you know I would like to play.

            What exactly Jelena is it with the back?

            We thought it was tightness in the back, I got really tight a couple 
            days ago and I just wasn't able to move, but now they are saying it 
            is obviously not tightness cause you can't go on for a week or so 
            and I am going to get someone to look at it.

            How did you sum up your games Jelena - your tournament?

            Very ordinary, I think, it was good for me to come back in that 
            other match the other night, but I think I was probably, not so much 
            the first day, but today I was sort of got to a good start but once 
            my back kicked in, my feet just weren't there and I just have to go 
            for too much because I couldn't do anything with my feet to stay in 
            the points for too long.

            So is it causing you actual pain when you play?

            Yes, quite a bit, but you know I wanted to play, but I think now 
            after this week and after this match I won't go out if it is not 

            Will you have it checked out in Sydney or here?

            Maybe here, I am not sure yet.

            When do you plan to go back to Sydney?


            Mark, what are your movements?

            I am going back to Melbourne, I think on a later flight tonight.

            Mark, injuries aside, how disappointing is it not to make the finals 
            this week?

            Obviously, disappointing because it would have been nice to start 
            off the year with a win, but you know I played two matches and I was 
            quite happy with my form they way I played, and what is most 
            important to me now is just getting this under control and making 
            sure it is ok for the Aussie Open.

            Have you had problems with your achilles before?

            NO, it was in the mixed, the first match against Thailand I went up 
            for a jump shot and as I stopped I stopped suddenly and I just sort 
            of jarred it and everything was fine but as I was compensating for 
            my achilles I was just working the shin muscle a lot more and that 
            is what happened.

            Jelena, Mark said he would be keen to come back next year, are we 
            likely to see both of you playing together here again in the future?

            I guess so yes, if I get invited, it is a great tournament to play, 
            you know you get a few matches no matter what happens and it is a 
            good tournament to come here and play, it is relaxing and I think it 
            is a good warm-up.

            Mark if I could just get one comment, over the next few weeks - you 
            don't know if you will play in the Colonial or not - what will your 
            schedule be, working on the shins will you just be having work done 
            on it?

            Yes, just have work done on it, I am sure just some ice, just 
            treatment, making sure it is ok, going out on the court seeing how 
            it is and if that means pulling out of the Colonial then, if that is 
            what is best for me then I will do that.

            You have got until Wednesday - do you think that you will be alright 
            - are you positive about it?

            Well, I hope to be positive, of course but if something can't happen 
            then maybe I can just go one match next week just before the Aussie 
            but I am going to do whatever is my power to get ready.

The interview article quoted from Hyundai Hopman Cup official website.