Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Australian Open 2000
Melbourne, Australia
17 January, 2000

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R. KUTI KIS / J. Dokic 6-1, 2-6, 6-3


      Rita Kuti Kis
      17 January 2000

Q. Did you find it difficult playing Jelena because she was very erratic, she 
would hit a winner and then she would hit balls miles out?

A. Yes, against her I played very, very different because really, it's very, 
very hard and very, very aggressive and I tend to play very, very aggressive too 
and I came through that one.

Q. How have you gone in the past at this event? Is this a first time for you? 
Have you played before?

A. No, this is the second time. Last year I lost in the first round against Li 

Q. Obviously you are very happy?

A. Yes, I am very happy, yes. This is the first Grand Slam that I came to.

Q. Was it difficult for you when she went off at 4-1 in the first set? Did it 
break your concentration?

A. Yes, in the third set, yes, she had 4-1 and then she had two balls for two 
all and it was very, very hard because
I was a little bit tired in the finish but I got to do it.

Q. Jelena made a lot of unforced errors today. Do you think she played badly or 
you played very well?

A. She played, I think, badly, because yes, she played very much with mistakes 
but I played too, not too very well because me too, I played more. I made as 
much mistakes as Jelena made.

Q. You hit as many errors as she did?

A. Yes.

Q. That's not possible because you won?

A. Yes, I won.

Q. Did you think you had a good chance of winning when you saw the draw?

A. I think it was a very hard draw for me because Jelena, she is a very good 
player but I do everything, what I can, to do, and I can do it.

Q. In the last set when it was 4-3 for you and you were a break point down, do 
you still believe that ball was out or on the line?

A. In the last game?

Q. No, when it was 4-3 for you and you were a break point down. Jelena won that 
point and it was four all. Did you think that ball was out?

A. Yes, it was out, yes.

Q. You believe that?

A. Yes, I believe that. I remember that.

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