Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Australian Open 2000
Melbourne, Australia
20 January, 2000

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CAPRIATI-DOKIC / Andres-Martinez-Granados 6-2, 6-0


      Jelena DOKIC
      20 January 2000

      A. First of all I will just say something, myself, first.
      All of this came out after I got fined for the press
      conference and then basically the next day I had a
      conversation with Sun-Herald to try and say that I
      didn't want to do the press conference and I got fined
      and what he wrote, we had a totally different
      conversation, and he wrote a totally different thing the
      next morning and also, I just - in asking for the tape
      to come out, which my conversation was recorded on
      there, to see what I actually said because I didn't say
      what he wrote and what he quoted me on and yes, also I
      think Ivan Brixi, my manager from Octagon and WTA,
      didn't step behind me to ask for the tape and I wanted
      to tell my side of the story and there is a different
      story to what he wrote, which is that I didn't even
      speak to him about what he wrote and some of the players
      have been coming out and sort of saying this is not true
      and so on and no-one just wanted to ask me if I said
      this and if it was true, which it wasn't and basically I
      just didn't say those things, and I have been trying to
      get the tape so everyone can see what the conversation
      was about and it wasn't anything about what he wrote it
      was about.

      Q. So, the reporter totally made up the story? Is that
      what you are saying?

      A. Yes.

      Q. Why would he do that, Jelena?

      A. Tennis questions only now.

      Q. How do you rate your opponents today?

      A. Very good match. We played well and it was a pretty
      easy match for us. We combined well for the first time
      and it was great to play with her. Jennifer, we get
      along well, I think, and I played well today and I look
      forward to the next match.

      Q. What about your opponents?

      A. I think I answered that.

      Q. You spoke about your partner, didn't you?

      A. No, I spoke about my opponents as well.

      Q. You say tennis questions only, but you just made a
      statement. There is one follow-up I think we do need:
      what aspects of the report which appeared were false?

      A. All of them.

      Q. Every single fact that was there?

      A. Every single one.

      Q. Why would they have been falsified, do you think?

      A. I just said tennis questions only. I didn't say those
      things and like I said, he wrote a totally different
      thing to what we had the conversation about.

      Q. Jelena, with regard to the tennis, once you step on to
      the court can you just leave all of that behind? It's
      not affecting your game in any way?

      A. No, it's not. Like I said, I think we played well today
      and combined well for the first time. As you play more
      you get a bit better because I have never played with
      her before but yes, definitely, I try to do that and get
      on with tennis.

      Q. Jelena, have you been happy with your draws in the last
      year overseas?

      A. Yes. They are the draws. Yes, pretty much. You get
      some tough ones but you have just got to get out there
      and play.

      Q. You never thought you had been unfairly treated in the

      A. No, like I said I have had a few tough draws but I
      haven't been playing that well. I have been struggling
      in the last few tournaments and hopefully it will come
      together. I have been working hard and I have been
      trying to play well here now in the doubles and get back
      and play well.

      Q. How did you link up with Jennifer? How did that come

      A. The coach was looking for somebody at the Sydney
      tournament. I was playing with Arantxa there and we
      just sort of linked up there and he asked me if I wanted
      to play with her at the Australian Open and I said yes.

      Q. Your dad and mum weren't there today. Was there some
      reason for that?

      A. I think they were. They were just somewhere else
      around. I don't think they were in the box but they
      were watching.

      Q. Did you notice any increased or decreased support from
      the fans today?

      A. They were very supportive, actually. I think it was
      quite full there, yes. I think they still supported me
      a lot.

      Q. How would you describe this week in your life?

      A. A lot of things happened but like I said, I have been
      trying to concentrate on the tennis, work hard and work
      on my game a lot and concentrate on the next few
      tournaments and the rest of the year.

      Q. Did you talk to Jennifer about anything that happened in
      the last few days?

      A. In?

      Q. You didn't seek her advice? She's been through some
      tough times?

      A. No, I haven't. Just tennis.

      Q. Have you sought advice from anyone?

      A. In?

      Q. Have you received any advice from your management group
      over the last couple of days?

      A. No, I haven't spoken to anyone there. Like I said
      earlier, my coach from Octagon, I haven't spoken to him.

      Q. Would you have expected to, given the events of the

      A. Probably, yes.

      Q. Are you disappointed for that?

      A. Yes, I just think they probably could have stepped
      behind me a bit more. Like I say, I asked for the tape
      to come out to see the truth of what the conversation
      was about and I was the only one that sort of asked that
      question because I wanted people to see that I didn't
      say what was written and nobody else tried to do that.

      Q. Have you severed your relationship with Octagon?

      A. No, I haven't discussed that.

      Q. Have you ever been an observer at a draw for a
      tournament and would you like to be an observer?

      A. No, I haven't been. I have never been at one and yes,
      it just depends on who gets picked and where you are at
      the time.

      Q. Do you understand the process of how it works?

      A. Yes.

      Q. Do you regret any comments that you made in the earlier
      press conference?

      A. Not really, no.

      Q. Why did you decide to sit down and work out a statement,
      a prepared statement before you came in, rather than
      just come and talk like any other press conference?

      A. Because I think I just sort of was telling my side of
      the story about what's been happening.

      Q. Going back to Monday here though. There wasn't really a
      story other than that you had lost?

      A. Yes, like I said, I have come out here today for you to
      hear what I had to say and what's been happening about
      the papers and to hear what I had to say and what I
      think about it.

      Q. But this is also the first time we have talked to you
      since the initial statement when you came in after going
      to church and you had your written statement. Why did
      you decide the need to write something down on paper to
      read out to us rather than just come in and talk like
      any other press conference?

      A. Like I said, again, it's my side of the story, what I
      wanted to say and what I thought about things.

      Q. Don't you think you almost hurt yourself again here by
      giving your statement and not answering questions about

      A. No, I don't think I have. I think I've probably fixed a
      few things up because a lot has been said, especially
      about what has been written in the last few days and I
      just wanted to come out and sort of say, you know, what
      actually happened in that conversation and that I am
      asking for this tape to come out, the transcript, so
      it's clear what I said and it wasn't anything that was

      Q. Jelena, what did you talk about in that conversation?

      A. It was just, like I said, originally it was about that I
      didn't want to do the press conference on Monday and
      that I got fined for it and there were a few other
      things in there but it was nothing about the draws, it
      was just about the tennis basically.

      Q. Do you still feel you were fair to your opponent in your
      first comments on Monday?

      A. Like I said then, you can say what you think and that's
      what I thought at the moment, at that time. Like I
      said, that first day, if you look at where she is and
      the results and things on paper, I should have beaten
      her and I was just disappointed with the loss at that

      Q. Do you regret what you did say then?

      A. Like I said, I don't think I do at this stage, no,
      because that's what I thought at the time. You
      shouldn't put your opponents down, but like I say, I was
      disappointed from the loss.

      Q. What have you done this week?

      A. I don't think there is anything bad that I said or
      anything that's been done and I have never had any
      problems with press conferences or anything and I am
      just trying to learn from this and get on with tennis
      and I'm trying to work out and just concentrate on that
      and not anything else.

      Q. The statement you read out on Monday, was it written by
      you and only you?

      A. Yes.

      Q. Did the WTA advise you not to read it out?

      A. No.

      Q. Does it bother you that you might have really hurt your
      opponent with what you said?

      A. I think I answered this already. I don't look at it
      that way because I read out what I thought and there was
      an article written a bit later on, I think it was on the
      Tuesday. I read it out, this was my own statement,
      saying that I lost to Martina and Barbara Schett and I
      mentioned Arantxa Sanchez Vicario and Sandrine Testud
      and I said I had beaten them but I still think they are
      great players and better than me and Martina is always
      going to be number 1, the best player that there is, and
      that's what I think about the opponent and I came out
      and said that. I just basically say what I think about
      that and even though I have beaten her I still think she
      is the best in the world and I give her all the credit
      for it.

      Q. Are you concerned the way your father has been portrayed
      in this episode, Jelena?

      A. No. I'm not concerned at all.

      Q. Will you continue to have a relationship with the press
      of trust or how has this affected you in the long term?

      A. Like I said, I am trying to put all this behind and just
      concentrate on the tennis. I don't think any of the
      press you can probably trust because everyone wants a
      story and to write what they want to write. I have
      never had problems with the press really.

      Q. Is it wrong of the media to assume that your father has
      an overbearing influence in your career?

      A. Yes, like I said, I have a great relationship with my
      dad. He's always been there for me and since I have
      started playing and always will be. I trust him and we
      have a great relationship. Again, he helps me a lot and
      he is at tournaments. Again, you can write what you
      want but I have a great relationship with my dad and
      have nothing against him and I am very close to him.

      Q. Were you concerned yesterday about the episode with the
      channel 7 cameraman?

      A. No.

      Q. What about your relationship, just say more generally on
      tour, getting on with other players and the whole tennis
      circuit, I suppose? How do you get on with that? Do
      you find it overwhelming at times?

      A. I have only been on tour for about a year and a half
      now. Everyone has been great. I have enjoyed being on
      the tour and all the players have been great and every
      day I think I am making more friends and the more you
      play with somebody and the more tournaments you go to.
      Like I said, I have enjoyed my time on the tour, it's
      been great.

      Q. Were you hurt by some of the comments that came out from
      Anna and Lindsay yesterday?

      A. Like I said, I'm not angry at Lindsay, I have nothing
      against her. She said those comments because of what
      she read in the papers and she came out and said what
      she did but no-one heard what I had to say and what
      actually was the truth, that's why I asked for the tape
      to come out, to see what the conversation was about, it
      wasn't what he wrote and what he quoted me on. Like I
      said, she said what she wanted. I have nothing against
      her, I am not angry at her. She just made comments
      about what she read in the papers.

      Q. Who did you ask for the tape? Did you go to the

      A. No, I asked Sun-Herald to come out with the tape and the
      transcript of the conversation that we had to see what I
      said and what the conversation was about and that it was
      totally opposite to what he wrote.

      Q. How much have you been fined, Jelena?

      Q. Will you take any legal action against that newspaper,

      Smith Bernal International Pty Ltd (03) 9642 0104

The interview article quoted from Australian Open 2000 Official Site.