Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Ericsson Open 2000
Key Biscayne, FL, USA
23 March, 2000


March 23, 2000

J. DOKIC / N. Miyagi 6-3, 6-2

An interview with: JELENA DOKIC

WTA: Questions.

Q. Could you talk about your victory today, how you feel you played?

JELENA DOKIC: Tough conditions because it was very windy. It's very tough to 
play under those conditions. But I'm glad to get through that first match. I 
mean, I think the first one is always the toughest. Also when you have a 
difficult opponent, it's tough as well. I've never played her before, so I'm 
glad to get through the first match, looking forward to the next match.

Q. You have Martinez. Have you played her before?

JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, played her quite a few times.

Q. How have you done against her?

JELENA DOKIC: We've had some tough matches. She's a Top 10, nearly Top 5 at the 
moment. She's always a tough opponent, a difficult opponent as well. I mean, 
I've got nothing to lose. I might as well just go out there and play, see how I 
do. I've had tough matches with her. Hopefully I'll win tomorrow. I've been 
practicing well, I'm in form. Hopefully I'll win.

Q. Did your dad come with you to this event?

JELENA DOKIC: No. My mom is here. My dad is coming the next few tournaments. 

Q. You're no stranger to the upset, everybody knows that now. Do you go into a 
match like that with an opponent who is a Top 10 player with a different 
attitude than maybe to today's match?

JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, definitely. She today had nothing to lose because I think on 
paper I was supposed to win. I think against a Top 10 player, they're always 
meant to get through somehow to the semis or quarters or final. That's why I 
have a different mentality going into that match because I'll just go out there 
and play my game. I've got nothing to lose. She's the one that should be worried 
about how she's going to do. I had a match here under my belt, which she 
doesn't, with a bye in the first round. Maybe that will make a difference as 
well. Like I said, we'll just see how it goes. 

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