Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Roland Garros 2000
Paris, France
29 May, 2000

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                  JELENA DOKIC
                  Monday, May 29, 2000
                  J. DOKIC/ T. Pisnik 3-6, 7-6(3), 6-4

                  Q. Doing it the hard way a little bit today?

                  JELENA DOKIC: Yeah. I mean, I had a bit of a slow start, then 
                  started to come back in that first set. Then, I mean, it was a 
                  tough match physically and mentally, but, you know, I was down 
                  and I came back in the last two sets and I should have done, 
                  you know -- I shouldn't have done it that way. It seemed like 
                  I always played well when I was down, but, you know, it was 
                  tough out there. The conditions were tough.

                  But all together, you know, I'm glad to get through. I have a 
                  few more things to work on, but, you know, sometimes you got 
                  to win the hard way.

                  Q. What do you feel you need to improve in your game to go any 

                  JELENA DOKIC: I think altogether my game today wasn't too bad. 
                  I've been playing quite well. But like I said, the conditions 
                  were tough. I'm still a little bit on the serve, and just to 
                  take my chances when I have them and not get down and then, 
                  you know, have to start playing to come back.

                  And I had a few lapses in there. But overall, I think, you 
                  know, for me, it wasn't such a bad match. Straight up a tough 
                  one, which in a way is good, but in a way you like to, you 
                  know, win it if you can easy. So...

                  Q. It must have been pleasing to come back as you did in a 
                  long, long match like that. That must be something positive 
                  you can take out of it, that you fought back so well?

                  JELENA DOKIC: Well, like I said, you know, I was down in the 
                  last two sets. I really shouldn't have probably won neither of 
                  them, you know. I was well out of the match. But the thing was 
                  for me which was good was I was always positive and I believed 
                  in myself that I could actually come back and win the match. I 
                  took it a point at a time.

                  You know, she had, you know, she was two points away from the 
                  match and, you know, it doesn't get much closer than that to 
                  losing. So, I mean, the positive thing is that I fought and 
                  came back, which is good. And it gives me, you know -- to come 
                  out as a winner out of a match like that gives me confidence. 
                  But, you know, hopefully in my next match if I do win, 
                  hopefully I'll win it a bit easier.

                  Q. Do you think fitness had something to do with it in the 
                  end? She seemed to be struggling a little bit at the end and 
                  you seemed to lift your game quite a lot.

                  JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, I think, you know, she was up 3-love, 4-1 
                  up a game, she had 40-15 and 30-love. Like I said, she had so 
                  many chances to win the match.

                  But I think also it was mentally tough as well. I was tough 
                  hanging in there. And fitness-wise, you know, a long match -- 
                  I like playing long matches, I mean, if it gets to it. I can 
                  last. I've never had problems.

                  And I think fitness probably did have something to do with it, 
                  both mentally and physically also because the match was just 
                  so tough mentally as well. I mean on clay you've got to grind 
                  out points, she got a lot of balls back, but I just stayed 
                  with her.

                  Q. What about your serve? You served a few doubles that you 
                  could have done without. Is that the wind or you've had 
                  problems with your serve lately?

                  JELENA DOKIC: No, I think I've improved my serve. But, again, 
                  like I said, the conditions were very tough. And also on clay, 
                  it's hard to, you know, hit big serves and get free points. I 
                  don't think I got any free points off my serve today which 
                  sometimes gets frustrating, but you've got to deal with that.

                  I still could definitely do, you know, without those few 
                  double-faults, but sometimes it happens. Like I said, the 
                  conditions were tough. There was a lot of wind out there, but, 
                  you know, sometimes that happens.

                  Q. Could you tell me a word about your opponent? You know her 
                  quite well, you played Wimbledon together last year, you 
                  practiced a lot together. How difficult is it for you to play 
                  an official match against a player that you know so well?

                  JELENA DOKIC: Well, you know, we played together in the 
                  Juniors and we played a quarterfinal junior match here one 
                  year two years ago. I've known her for a long time. We've 
                  played a lot of doubles together. It's always tough to come 
                  out and play a match against somebody who you know good off 
                  and on the court and somebody who you talk a lot with, and, 
                  you know, deal with every day.

                  Probably sometimes it gets frustrating because, you know, you 
                  know the person and you probably think, you know, you should 
                  be beating them or you could be. But like I said, you've got 
                  to deal with that. We might play doubles together again 
                  somewhere, but, you know, sometimes you have to play those 
                  matches and they're tough, but...

                  Q. What's your coaching arrangement at the moment, and who's 
                  here with you with your family? What's the entourage position 
                  at the moment?

                  JELENA DOKIC: I'm hitting with Tony Roche. I hit with him this 
                  morning so, you know, I'm trying to do as much work with him 
                  as I can. And, you know, he's helped me a lot and even at the 
                  tournaments where he wasn't, we spoke with each other every 
                  day. He'd try and, you know, see how it was going in my 
                  matches and, you know, just -- I mean I've been in contact 
                  with him all the time, which is great. And my family are here.

                  Q. All of them?

                  JELENA DOKIC: All of them: My mom, dad and my brother, which 
                  is, again, great because, you know, I don't think I've been 
                  home for like six months, so it's tough sometimes. But they're 
                  coming here in the next few tournaments, which is great.

The interview article quoted from Roland Garros 2000 Official Website.