Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Roland Garros 2000
Paris, France
01 June, 2000

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                  JELENA DOKIC
                  Thursday, June 1, 2000                    

                  K. HRDLICKOVA/J. Dokic 6-3, 6-1

                  Q. You had eight break chances but couldn't get through. Was 
                  that the main problem for you today?

                  JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, probably. You know, I had a lot of those 
                  chances in the first set. The first of her service game, the 
                  second one, as well. Probably if I converted on those points, 
                  it would have been a different story. Same in the second set, 
                  as well. I just didn't play those points well enough, the way 
                  I should have. If I converted a few of those, probably would 
                  have been a different story.

                  Q. Looked like you are a bit upset. Was that hard to take for 

                  JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, I mean, you know, every loss is hard to 
                  take for everybody, I think. The fact that I did have chances, 
                  and also more in the first set, 6-3 , I think like every 
                  single one of her service games, I had at least one or two 
                  break chances, which is a big thing. In the first set, 
                  especially at the beginning, I didn't lose my serve, you know, 
                  at all. I won them quite easily. I think it would have made a 
                  big difference. It would have made a difference to myself 
                  because I also would have picked up my game for sure, too. 

                  Q. When you left France last year, you were heading for very 
                  exciting times at Wimbledon. What are you going to do now to 
                  prepare for Wimbledon? Have you decided? Will you be going to 
                  the lead-up tournaments?

                  JELENA DOKIC: I still have doubles and mixed here. I have a 
                  tournament before Wimbledon, Rosmalen, in Holland, and then 
                  Whenever I decide to leave here, whenever I'm finished, I'll 
                  probably go on the grass straightaway. 

                  Q. You said you'd been working with Tony Roche this week. How 
                  often do you actually get to work with him? What do you work 
                  on? Is it technical, tactical, motivational?

                  JELENA DOKIC: Well, whenever he's at tournaments - it's mainly 
                  the big tournaments and the Grand Slams. I worked with him 
                  quite a few times this week, as long as I've been here. We 
                  work on everything. You know, you've got to work on both 
                  technique and tactics, the mental side of it. We do quite a 
                  bit of work on everything.

                  Q. Have you ever felt the need or have you ever discussed, 
                  say, with your family the possibility of a full-time traveling 

                  JELENA DOKIC: Well, like I said, I've been working with Tony, 
                  so wherever he is, he's at quite a few tournaments, so we work 
                  together whenever I'm at home, so on. But that's it for now. 
                  Maybe we'll change.

                  Q. Why did you choose Rosmalen rather than going back to 
                  Birmingham or playing Eastbourne, which is a more traditional 
                  lead-up to Wimbledon?

                  JELENA DOKIC: Well, I think they're all the same tier events. 
                  They're not any bigger than each other. I thought, you know, 
                  I'll just change it this year and go to Holland and see what 
                  it will be like. You don't always have to go to the same 
                  tournaments. I'm only playing one anyway.

                  Q. You're only playing the one because that's all you're 
                  allowed under the rules?

                  JELENA DOKIC: Yeah.

                  Q. Or is there another reason?

                  JELENA DOKIC: I can't put any more in anyway. 

                  Q. How much are you looking forward to Wimbledon, given the 
                  events of last year?

                  JELENA DOKIC: It should be, you know, a good tournament, good 
                  surface for me, too. I'm looking forward to getting on the 
                  grass after this. In Rosmalen, it's a good lead-up tournament, 
                  then to Wimbledon. Hopefully, you know, I'll do well again.

                  Q. You played so well to beat Venus in Rome. How do you 
                  explain the lack of consistency subsequently?

                  JELENA DOKIC: I think I had a few good tournaments, including 
                  Fed Cup. You know, first round was a tough one. I think today, 
                  like I said, I didn't convert on those chances that I had. It 
                  would have been a different story. Sometimes little things 
                  make a big difference. I don't think it's a lack of 
                  consistency. I think I've played quite well over the last 
                  couple of months. You know, sometimes you win and sometimes 
                  you lose.

                  Q. You said the other day that your family had come over to be 
                  with you through the next few tournaments. Have you spoken to 
                  them since the match today? What was their reaction?

                  JELENA DOKIC: I haven't spoken to them, no. 

                  Q. Do you think you might have gone on a bit further here if 
                  you had actually come against a really top player in the early 

                  JELENA DOKIC: You never know. I mean, you can have -- maybe 
                  there could be an upset, you know. Again, you know, you never 
                  know. I mean, I could have maybe beaten a top player if I 
                  played one here because your mentality is different, you're 
                  thinking that you have to play really well and lift your game 
                  up. Probably maybe would have made a difference. 

                  Q. You said that the situation with the coach might change. 
                  Are you in any discussions at the moment to that effect?

                  JELENA DOKIC: No. Like I said, for the rest of this year, I'm 
                  just going to work with Tony as it is. I'll see after that. 
                  You know, I'll work with him as much as I can.

                  Q. How do you feel within yourself at the moment? You 
                  obviously had a pretty traumatic Australian summer. Do you 
                  feel pretty calm and in control of things? How is your mind at 
                  this stage?

                  JELENA DOKIC: Well, I've sort of tried to put that behind me 
                  and move on, get my tennis back on track, you know, just 
                  concentrate on the tennis. Like I said, I've had a few good 
                  tournaments. You know, you've just got to sort of concentrate 
                  on court on the tennis. I feel, you know, fine at the moment 
                  with Wimbledon coming up, you know, fairly confident I can do 

                  Q. With the age rule and the small number of tournaments you 
                  can actually play, where are you going to play for the rest of 
                  this year?

                  JELENA DOKIC: I'm doing Rosmalen and Wimbledon. I'm playing 
                  Canadian Open and the US. Then I think I have another three, 
                  four tournaments till the end of the year. 

                  Q. You haven't worked out what they will be yet?

                  JELENA DOKIC: No, not for sure. Probably Zurich and Moscow at 
                  the end, a few other tournaments. 

                  Q. You have a lot of points to defend at Wimbledon, obviously. 
                  How does that make you feel? Feeling a little bit of pressure 
                  at this stage?

                  JELENA DOKIC: I think, you know, it's something that you've 
                  got to deal with. Every player week-in, week-out has to defend 
                  points. For me, you know, for this year, it's Wimbledon points 
                  that I have to defend. Might be quite a few of them but, you 
                  know, you can't worry about that. You've got to try, like I 
                  said, to focus on the tennis, on the court. You can't think 
                  about, you know, whether you've got anything to defend or, you 
                  know, where your ranking is going to be, so on. Probably 
                  there's a few players that it puts pressure on because they 
                  did well last year, but you can't worry about that.

                  Q. How will you try to cheer yourself up from this?

                  JELENA DOKIC: I don't know. I'll see. Like I've said, I've 
                  still got doubles and mixed, which is good. Hopefully I'll do 
                  well there and have a few good wins. You know, looking forward 
                  to getting on the grass again, looking forward to Wimbledon, 
                  for sure. 

The interview article quoted from Roland Garros 2000 Official Website.